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Phone: 07867 785246
Email: trydives@btinternet.com
Website: https://www.diveability.com/

Dive Ability

Dive Ability is a newly created charity, dedicated to providing barrier free scuba diving experiences for all. A member led organisation Dive Ability aims to create equal opportunities for all divers, regardless of any physical disabilities or disadvantages. They hold regular educational pool sessions where disabled divers can work on their skills, find ways to overcome obstacles and are enabled to reach the limits of their potential. Specialist equipment and expert knowledge are provided to those in need free of charge. Dive Ability also accept referrals from other organisations to provide scuba diving as form of therapy for those in emotional or economic need. We believe children who have suffered bereavement, family illness, or who have come from particularly deprived backgrounds can benefit immensely from scuba, because of the sense of achievement, well being responsibility and enjoyment that can be accomplished.

Dive Ability’s founding members have worked with Scuba Travel for a number of years and we are excited to have the task of helping to arrange their future overseas holidays. The ethos for each holiday is to make the experience suitable for every individual, providing new and exciting scuba experiences to people who would be unable to participate without the support we supply.

Currently all our holidays are full and we are getting our new schedule ready please check back soon for an update.

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