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    Yes this trip is open to everyone.
    Qualified freediver (are only allowed to dive to the limits of their qualification - 20m Level 1 or AIDA 2 star, 30m Level 2 or AIDA 3 star. Level 3 / AIDA 4 star divers may dive up to 60m under instructor supervision and depending on conditions)
    Courses available:-
    Dolphin snorkeller (child under 14) £49
    RAID Freediver (14 years and older) £149 (manadtory if not qualified)
    RAID Advanced Freediver (16 years and older) £199
    RAID Master Freediver (16 years and older) £249

This is a typical example of the itinerary. The schedule is subject to change according to prevailing weather conditions and is only given as a example of what you would usually encounter during your holiday.



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Everyone is welcome on this holiday with Emma!
For complete novices it is mandatory that you book the Level 1 SSI course with Emma only an extra £150 supplement. This includes all course materials and certifications.

For those of you already certified SSI level 1 or AIDA 2 you are welcome to join the trip and enjoy all the dives on offer, however as always you must only dive to the depths you are certified for.

SSI SSI Level 1

Perfect for beginner and intermediate freedivers, this course is a fantastic introduction to the sport and continued development for those with some snorkelling or spearfishing experience.
Taught by some of the world’s most experienced instructors, no other course gives you such a wealth of experience and offers you a lifetime guarantee*, so after the course you have the benefit of Emma’s continued support on your freediving journey. On booking you’ll receive an email with an information pack containing preparation suggestions, plus your full-colour manual and logbook will be posted out to you. Allowing you to familiarise yourself with the theory at your own pace prior to your holiday to give yourself more time putting it all into practice in the water on the course itself.
On the SSI Level 1 Freediver course you’ll we will be in the Red Sea but will start in pool like conditions, learning how to move with ease and grace under the water before we move onto dive's to depths of up to 20m in the most relaxed and safe manner possible. You’ll dive wrecks, reefs and experience an amazing interaction with aquatic life. You will also learn new skills to take your freediving to the next level.

SSI SSI Level 2

This course is perfect for taking your freediving experience to the next level. It will equip you with further knowledge of the mammalian diving reflex and how to initiate the best response for freediving. You’ll be training to hold your breath for at least 2 minutes 30 seconds and practicing dynamic swimming for 50 metres. You will also learn new advanced equalisation techniques and training methods to carry you past 20m and up to depths of 30m. You’ll be diving on with lanyards and learning deeper and more advanced rescue skills as well as recreational diving on some of the deeper attractions!

SSI SSI Level 3

The apex of the SSI Freediving program, Level 3 demonstrates your arrival as an advanced freediver.
On the surface you’ll be holding your breath for at least 3 minutes 30 seconds and swimming dynamic at least 75 metres. You’ll be looking in more detail about the physiology, psychology and physics of freediving and diving to beyond 30m and the residual volume of your lungs. You’ll learn new techniques for this and be performing deeper and more complicated rescues. This is the specialist deep diving course which will equip you with the proper knowledge to take you into the deep blue and beyond!

Equipment Needed

For novices we will provide Mask, Snorkel, socks, wetsuits, hoods, Fins, Freediving weight belt and for everyone weights

However it is always nicer to own your own equipment , Emma can offer advice on best buys

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