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Galapagos Aggressor | Galapagos Diving Liveaboard - Pacific

  • Guests 16
  • Rooms 4 Master Staterooms,4 Delux Staterooms
  • Restaurants Buffet in Main deck diining area
  • Food and Drinks Variety of American feasts, barbecues and local cuisine.
  • Facilities30m long, built and powered for comfort, safety and stability.
  • Diving Your diving experience will include Galapagos sharks, schooling hammerheads, marine turtles, schools of tuna, eagle rays, sea lions, whale sharks and more !!!
  • Diving Extras Ask about rental gear and courses at time of booking
  • Internet Access Email is available onboard through the satellite system. There is a charge for incoming and outgoing email.

Galapagos Aggressor | Galapagos Diving Liveaboard

The Galapagos is a true wish list destination for nearly every diver. The promise of hammerheads, Galapagos sharks, sea lions, iguanas, even whalesharks and manta... these are the unique encounters that draw divers to Ecuador for the trip of a lifetime. Galapagos Aggressor has been diving this incredible wonderland since 1993 and now you can sail in complete comfort on board the modern Galapagos Aggressor 3

At a touch over 30m, Galapagos Aggressor 3 brings a new level of comfort for her divers. There are only 16 divers on board, split between the lower deck deluxe cabins and upper deck master cabin options. The deluxe cabins have twin beds, whilst the master cabins can be arranged for either twin bed or made into a queen sized double. All of the cabins have a private en-suite and air con. Hair dryers are available on board and the deluxe cabins boast a TV/DVD player. The decor throughout is clean, crisp and airy.

Most diving is from the panga tender boats, and are fully guided at all times. Nonetheless, the dive deck is large and spacious, with plenty of room for all your dive and camera kit. In between dives head into the comfy lounge and dining area. Meals are social with a full seated dining service. Relax into a jacuzzi at the end of a day or take in the iconic views of the islands from the sun deck. The Galapagos Park authorities currently permit selected land excursions as part of your holiday, including a hike to Bartolome Summit, a highland tour of Santa Cruz a trip to the Tortoise reserve and visit to the Charles Darwin research centre. Still want to see more? Speak to your travel consultant about planning a bespoke extension to your liveaboard on either the Galapagos Islands or Ecudaor mainland.

Master Stateroom

Each with 2 single beds side by side that can be made into a queen bed, (upon request) private head and shower, closet, port window, individual climate control, monitor with media player and hair dryer.

Deluxe Stateroom

Each with two lower single beds (side by side) with private head and shower, individual climate control and monitor with media player and hair dryer. Staterooms #3 and #4 can be made into a queen bed.

Current itinerary and dive map

Boat layout

Please note these prices may not include flights. Click select for the full holiday details


2012-02-21 13:31:18

Hi, what a trip? Galapagos Aggressor 2 very good. Diving out of this world, Wolf and Darwin islands so many Hammer Heads, Galapagos shark, Eagle Rays and Whale Shark it was unreal? Sea temp good but did need the 5mm and hood lowest temp 16c. One thing which I would suggest, that a longer gap between flights once you get to US as it takes so long to get through \'security\', mad dash to get connecting flights (made it by 25mins)this applies to the return as well. Many thank\'s for all your help and once again thank you Scuba Travel for another great trip.

Tom & Karen

2011-04-26 11:47:03

Just wanted to say thanks for organising our trip. We had an amazing time and did some of our best dives ever - I have to say that diving with Sea Lions is quite special! The Cloud Forest was also amazing and we had a really nice couple of days there.

Grahame & Nicky

2010-05-11 10:10:24

Just a quick message to thank you for all your assistance in making this trip to the Galapagos & Ecuador a wonderful experience. All the (re-)arrangements you made for us worked perfectly, and even the ash cloud couldnt stop the holiday to go ahead a second time (though it did try!). Once again, thanks for all your help and hard work in making this a memorable holiday.

Covid Information for Galapagos Aggressor


Last Updated: 19APR 2022

Each of our destinations that are open stringently follow the local Covid-19 requirements and protocols for our adventures. We also build on these with Clean, Refresh and Sanitize programs. All of our staff undergo frequent temperature checks and health monitoring. While we encourage all of our staff to get a vaccination against Covid-19 when available, it is a very personal choice that we respect. This same standard is applied to our guests that are travelling with us since our first destination reopened in July of 2020.
CEO Wayne Brown
Chairman & CEO

Protocols for a Suspected Case of COVID-19

Each Aggressor Adventure destination has established a local professional medical support team to advise them should a staff member or guest become ill and develop a fever or other symptoms. Temperatures of staff are taken twice daily. Once onboard, we instruct guests to self-monitor and report to the Captain if they develop a fever or other symptoms. We ask you to be honest and tell us if there have been any changes that could compromise your health or others If fever or other symptoms are detected on board, the destination will contact their local medical support team for a consultation. If possible, transportation is arranged for the patient to visit the medical facility for evaluation. While awaiting transport to be organized, the guest will be asked to self-isolate in their stateroom. If the yacht is further offshore, medical support provides a remote consultation, and the guest will be instructed to self-isolate in their stateroom for the remainder of their trip or until the evacuation is possible. If appropriate, the roommate will move to alternate accommodations. Meals will be brought to the patient's room. Linens are cleaned (in isolation) daily, along with cleaning and sterilizing the room.
The guest will absorb the costs of evacuation and land accommodations and medical services. We highly recommend that you review your travel / medical insurance for coronavirus coverage should this occur. Keep in mind that fever alone is not a suspected Covid-19 case.

An in-depth look at Aggressor Adventure's Clean, Refresh & Sanitise program.

Below is a summary of steps that are being taken:
Utilizing sanitizing and disinfecting products that are approved by the Center for Disease Control (CDC, USA) or European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC, EU)
The product with the broadest availability worldwide is Sodium Hypochlorite (the active ingredient), otherwise known to everyone as household bleach. This product is effective against viruses, including Covid-19, with proper dilution. Based on availability in each destination, other products may be used to enhance the disinfecting and sterilization process.
As supply becomes available, several destinations will be introducing electrostatic sprayers that will be used to disinfect all rooms and public areas.
As supply becomes available, some destinations are also introducing handheld UV Light sterilization for use on high contact areas, computer equipment, phones, tv remotes, etc.

There will be an increased frequency in cleaning / sanitizing tables, chairs, and hard surfaces in restaurants and salons. You may see some of this occurring during the day, and at other times it is performed by the night safety watch.
Throughout the day and night, staff will regularly sanitize hand-touched surfaces in all public areas, including handrails, doorknobs, handles, etc.
All guest rooms are serviced twice daily. Bathrooms and other frequently touched surfaces will receive extra attention.
Instructions are posted for proper 20-second hand washing techniques at all washbasins. Frequent hand washing remains the most effective way to prevent the spread of germs. Hand sanitizer will also be provided in all common areas.
Upgraded procedures for preparing a room for guest arrival are in place at all destinations. All soft goods are removed and washed in hot water and detergent. All hard surfaces are cleaned and sterilized. High-touch surfaces receive additional disinfecting attention.

Social Distancing: It simply is not realistic in all areas on yachts or the safari adventures we offer. Every effort will be made to utilize all inside and outside space available. Guests are (and have always been) welcome to take meals outside in areas such as cocktail decks or upper decks for more privacy and distancing.

Aggressor Adventures will not require the use of masks. If a guest chooses to wear a mask, they are welcome to do so. However, each guest should have a "mask management" plan that includes bringing a non-porous container to store masks in and keeping their box in a private space away from public areas. If local regulations require using a mask, it will be followed as closely as possible.

What is staying the same:
Our core fundamentals of "Eat-Sleep-Dive" and "Eat-Sleep-Adventure" remain. We will continue to offer incredible adventures of a lifetime in the most amazing destinations on the planet. Our staff will continue to provide service excellence, while our culinary teams will create great dining delights. Our corporate team will be out in the field, visiting destinations to ensure quality and consistency.

These are the areas that may look different:
Self-service buffets are gone. However, the infrastructure in place may be used to present family-style dishes while a staff member prepares your plate according to your desire.
Mask and gear rinse buckets on dive liveaboards will no longer be utilized. Freshwater hoses will be available for rinsing.
Camera rinse buckets remain camera only. Equipment is to be dipped and then placed on the camera tables.
Staff will be utilizing more outdoor spaces for meals and briefings. Open-air and sunlight (UV) are effective deterrents

We have also developed new procedures for wellness.
All guests will undergo temperature checks before entering. Those with temperatures of 100.4F / 38.0C will be denied check-in and referred to local medical professionals for follow-up.
All staff will undergo morning and evening temperature checks.
Each destination has its designated quarantine procedures if someone develops symptoms. Note: A fever is not definitively COVID-19. In addition, each destination has enhanced cleaning and sterilization procedures to implement if someone does develop an illness.
Each destination is establishing medical referrals for anyone who becomes ill. This includes arranging transport to a shore-based facility for evaluation or remote support and evaluation when further away from facilities.

Dive Deck Procedures
Staff will minimize contact with guests gear and only handle second stages by the hoses and not by grasping onto the second stage itself.
Mask rinse will be done via a freshwater hose or saltwater dunking, as communal mask rinse buckets will no longer be available.
Briefings are to be done with spacing in mind, and guests will need to avoid crowding the dive site map area during dive briefings.
Remind divers not to share equipment.
Encourage divers to maintain at least 6 ft of distance when clearing their nose, sinuses, or throat at the surface or after a dive.
Encourage divers only to handle their own equipment.

Safari & Antiquity Tours Procedures:
Orientations and talks presented while on a safari or tour will be done with spacing in mind. Guests should try to avoid crowding the area around the guide.
All company-provided vehicle transportation will be cleaned and disinfected before guests board each day.
Hand sanitizer will be available on all company-provided vehicles.
When using taxis or other public vehicles, hand sanitizer will be available from the guide boarding.
When using taxis or other public transport vehicles, drivers will have their temperatures checked by the guide before allowing guests to enter.
During the safari and antiquity tours - avoid touching anything unnecessarily and avoid touching your face as much as possible.
Guests should only bring with them on safaris and tours equipment they can comfortably carry and handle themselves to minimize contact by others.
Snacks provided during safaris and tours will be pre-packaged goods rather than community service (such as cut fruit, snack platters, etc.)
Guests who choose to wear a mask need to have a management plan for handling the mask when not worn. This includes putting masks not in use into a non-porous container that can be stored on your person when on safari or tour.

Country Covid Travel Information

View entry requirements here

As of , 11 February, the requirement to enter Ecuador or the Galapagos Islands for passengers over 12 years of age is: A valid vaccination certificate
A negative RT-PCR test performed up to 72 hours prior to boarding their flight to Ecuador.

Ecuador will accept the UK’s proof of COVID-19 recovery and vaccination record. Your NHS appointment card from vaccination centres is not designed to be used as proof of vaccination and should not be used to demonstrate your vaccine status.

All passengers arriving to mainland Ecuador by air must present the digital “Traveler's Health Declaration” when boarding the plane. If for some reason the platform is not available, the physical form must be submitted at point of entry in Ecuador to the Ministry of Health officials.

From 18th March, when you travel to England from abroad you:
do not need to take any COVID-19 tests before you travel or after you arrive
do not need to fill in a UK passenger locator form
do not need to quarantine when you arrive
This applies whether you are vaccinated or not.

It includes people who are transiting through England.
Updated 13APR 2022

Frequently Asked Questions


It usually takes around 16 hours flying time to reach Guayaquil - this is your gateway to the Galapagos islands. The flight from Guayaquil to San Cristobal is then around 2 hours. The Galapagos has year round big fish. It's most famous for the schooling hammerheads, but from December to May, Manta Season is the warm season for Galapagos diving. Air temperatures go up a few degrees, but typically the water at Wolf and Darwin Islands will be anywhere from 25-27C. Despite the warmth, visibility is also usually the best Galapagos has to offer during Manta Season. Between June and November, the number of whaleshark encounters increases dramatically.

Covid Travel Information

View entry requirements here

As of , 11 February, the requirement to enter Ecuador or the Galapagos Islands for passengers over 12 years of age is: A valid vaccination certificate
A negative RT-PCR test performed up to 72 hours prior to boarding their flight to Ecuador.

Ecuador will accept the UK’s proof of COVID-19 recovery and vaccination record. Your NHS appointment card from vaccination centres is not designed to be used as proof of vaccination and should not be used to demonstrate your vaccine status.

All passengers arriving to mainland Ecuador by air must present the digital “Traveler's Health Declaration” when boarding the plane. If for some reason the platform is not available, the physical form must be submitted at point of entry in Ecuador to the Ministry of Health officials.

From 18th March, when you travel to England from abroad you:
do not need to take any COVID-19 tests before you travel or after you arrive
do not need to fill in a UK passenger locator form
do not need to quarantine when you arrive
This applies whether you are vaccinated or not.

It includes people who are transiting through England.
Updated 13APR 2022

Weather and Climate

The Galapagos has good weather all year round. The weather is not normally too wet (inspite of its equatorial location), with the dry season running from Jul - Dec and the warm season from Jan - Jun. Temps range from 21-30C.


Flight options

Our holidays to the Galapagos can be quoted with most major airlines from Heathrow to Guayaquil or Quito. We are able to book most major airlines. If you would like to depart from a different UK airport (eg. Glasgow/Edinburgh, Manchester, Birmingham or Gatwick) or have a specific airline you prefer to fly with, simply let us know in your booking request. Times and any applicable costs will be confirmed by your travel consultant before you finalise your holiday. If you wish to make your own flight arrangements to Guayaquil, let us know and we can remove the cost of the international flights from your quote. We are unfortunately not able to redeem airmiles on your behalf. Please do not confirm any flight arrangements yourself before your holiday is confirmed by us.


As there are no direct flight, it is simple to add a stop over en route - simply ask your travel consultant for a quote. Popular locations include the USA, Amsterdam or Madrid.

Arrange before you go

Visa requirements

UK passport holders are able to obtain a free 90 day tourist visa on arrival. Do ensure your passport has 6 months validity from your return date to prevent any issues with immigration. It is your responsibility to ensure your passport is valid and you fulfil entry requirements. Regulations can change: please review current FCO advice: click here


Scuba Travel requires all of our customers to have diving insurance. Please make sure that you have appropriate cover for your diving activities. We also strongly recommend you have travel insurance. It's worth taking out travel insurance once you have paid your deposit to ensure you are covered for unforeseen events and cancellation. Find out more about our combined dive and travel policy click here


Your covid proof of vaccination must match your passport name and flight ticket name. Please speak to your local GP or check out the latest NHS advice on updating your NHS details or for other travel immunisations: click here

Preparing to fly


You will be able to manage your booking online once you have been ticketed (after you have paid your holiday balance). Most airlines will now enable you to select your seating at this point. There may be a small charge for prebookable seating before online check in opens. Please speak to the airline for more information about charges.

Check in

As you are flying with a scheduled airline, you will be able to check in online with your airline. Please visit their website for more information about when online check in opens.


An airport lounge is a great way to start your holiday or to while away flight connections in comfort. Scuba Travel works with Lounge Pass to offer a huge range of affordable airport lounges around the world. click here


Prebook your airport parking to save money! If you have a long way to travel, why not also look at booking an airport hotel. These aren't as expensive as you might think. click here

What happens when I arrive?

On arrival to the Ecuador mainland, you will need to clear immigration and collect your baggage. You will then be met outside of arrivals by a representative. They will be holding a board with either your destination or your name on it. If you have any issues at all locating your rep, please contact us. We have an emergency contact, manned by a member of the team here in the UK. Please call 0044 7747 488 002. We will be able to help your rep locate you in the airport.


Quito airport is around 1 hour by car from Quito city. Guayaquil airport is closer to the city, and transfers to your hotel are usually no more than 30mins. You will be advised locally of your pick up time for your return to the airport and flight to the Galapagos Islands. The flying time is around 2 hours between Guayaquil and San Cristobal


At the end of your holiday, your return transfer details will be advised locally. On leaving the Ecuador there is an departure tax of $30-$40 which must be paid in cash.



Crew gratuities are not included in the charter. Aggressor believe gratuities should be voluntary and based upon the quality of service the crew has provided. When settling your account on the final morning morning, the Captain will have an envelope for gratuities that will be divided equally among the crew.


The U.S. dollar is Ecuador’s standard currency. We strongly recommend taking cash USD to the Galapagos for gratuities and onboard charges are best paid in cash. This avoids any additional Ecuadorian taxes and service fees. Credit cards are subject to the 14% VAT plus 5% in bank fees.

Phone coverage

Private calls may be made from the yacht by satellite phone.

Plugs and electricity

110 and 220 volt power


Hire equipment

A full line of Aqua Lung rental gear is available aboard including regulators, BCs and dive computers.


Several diving specialty courses are offered onboard including Nitrox, Advanced Open Water, UW Photography, Master Diver and more.


There is a mini-boutique onboard with assorted t-shirts and miscellaneous items. Due to limited availability, we recommend bringing extra batteries and CD/DVD’s for photos. The Galapagos Aggressor III accepts cash, traveler’s checks, Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. Sorry, personal checks or Discover cards are not accepted.


Unlimited Nitrox is $100 per 7 night charter/ $150 per 10 night charter


Deposits and Balances

A typical deposit for your Aggressor liveaboard package will be 50% of the trip cost. Your final balance will be due 100 days before travel.

Ways to pay

We accept mastercard and visa debit or credit cards. If you would like a pay by link to complete check out via email please let us know and it can be set up for you. All non sterling card payments and UK business debit cards will be subject to the 3% surcharge. We do not take AMEX. Alternatively, you are welcome to pay via bank transfer. Overseas bank transfers must add £6 to the sterling total to cover international handling fees. We are not able to accept PayPal transactions or personal cheques.

Group Payments

If you have booked as part of a group, you can still call and pay directly without needing to go via your group leader. Please have your trip reference number to hand to help us locate your holiday as quickly as possible. You will receive a transaction receipt - your group leader will forward your ATOL certificate and booking confirmation


Repeat Guests

Are you one of Scuba Travel's repeat customers?
Over 60% of our customers trust Scuba Travel to book their next diving holiday, time after time.

And we believe you deserve a huge thanks for your ongoing support over the years, which is what our repeater discount is all about! Travel with us again in either 12 months or 24 months and you will qualify for a discount. That's all you have to do. No forms, no numbers to remember, no fuss, just a good honest price reduction.

5% off for repeat customers travelling with Scuba Travel within 24 months
5% off plus £100 bonus for repeat customers travelling within 12 months

Plus travel on a second trip in 12mths for an extra $100 discount or $200 on your third trip in 12 mths. Dive the World travellers get an extra 10% discount all yachts for rental gear, nitrox, boutique, photography equipment rentals, videos and courses and a special birthday discount to spend at the online boutique.
Repeat discounts are not cumulative and cannot be applied to special offer prices


Your liveaboard accommodation is based on a deluxe cabin on a full board basis - your last night dinner is not included in your charter package

Soft drinks, water, tea, coffee and a limited selection of local beer and wine

All diving, 12lt international tanks, air fills and weights are included

Airport transfers for embarkation/disembarkation


International flights, domestic flights and any overnight stays where required are not included in your trip. Please ask your travel consultant for a quote to add these

To pay locally are the Galapagos island transit card $20 and Marine Park fees $100 and airport departure taxes (approx $35), plus a $250 per person fuel surcharge to be paid at the end of the week

Nitrox for 7 nights is $100 on all Aggressor charters, kit rental, souvenirs or private guiding services are paid for on board. All on board sales are subject to a 14% local tax

Galapagos Expedition

The Galapagos have earned a mighty reputation as one of the ultimate liveaboard diving destinations and not without reason. This low-lying volcanic chain was not only Darwin's inspiration. It is home to diving the like of which you cannot find elsewh... MORE