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Galapagos Sky | Galapagos Diving Liveaboard - Pacific

  • Guests 16
  • Rooms 4 lower deck deluxe & 4 upper deck master
  • Restaurants Separate fine dining area on board
  • Food and Drinks Lovely combination of local and western food with free beer and wine with your evening meal
  • Facilities33m long steel liveaboard
  • Diving 5 and a half days of adrenalin pumping diving with free nitrox
  • Diving Extras Ask about rental gear and courses at time of booking
  • Internet Access No onboard internet available.

About Galapagos Sky

A Galapagos liveaboard is in the top 5 wish list of most divers - this is THE scuba diving holiday that no one wants to skip, especially for anyone serious about diving with sharks (hammerheads galore!). And with Galapagos Sky (formerly known as Sky Dancer), you can make this dream into a thrilling reality. With a wealth of experience under their belts, the Galapagos Sky sails the seas around the islands and islets towards the the unmissable Wolf and Darwin where the pelagic encounters roll in thick and fast. Diving in the Galapagos is famed for its unique biodiversity so jump about Galapagos Sky and set sail for the jaw dropping dive sites that propelled this tiny corner of the world into the limelight.

At 33m in length Galapagos Sky sleeps only 16 guests - you will not feel crowed either on board or in the water on this liveaboard! There are 4 twin cabins below decks which are the standard deluxe cabins. There are then a further 4 upper deck master cabins which can be set up as twin or king size double bed. Both the master and deluxe cabins have en suite, air con, dressing gowns and hair dryers. Even the on board toiletries are marine safe and fully biodegradable.

The facilities on onboard Galapagos Sky are state of the art with an attentive eye on the small details. Enjoy fresh towels each day and a warm drink at the end of your dive. Dining is French style with an eye on the high quality of ingredients that cater for all dietary requirements. Enjoy free beer and wine with your evening meal. The main saloon is spacious with TV, DVD and audio. Photographers will love the full video and photo facilities, ready and waiting.

We strongly recommend you are nitrox certified for this itinerary - Galapagos Sky request that divers should have Nitrox certification. Divers without Nitrox certification will not be able to complete all dives on the 3 days spent at Wolf and Darwin islands due to depths and time lengths of dives and recreational non-decompression limits.

Sue - went with her husband to the Galapagos in 2013 and 2018

Sue recommends Galapagos Sky because of its first class service and truly amazing diving. The Galapagos are really like no place on Earth.
Do make sure you add a few days on an Island to truly experience this magical place. You can also add a trip up to the Ecuadorian Amazon or how about combining it with a trip to Machu Picchu? The possibilities are endless.
Do give Sue a call if the Galapagos are on your bucket list, she has been very fortunate and been twice..
If you interested in going on Galapagos Sky don't hesitate to give me a call 01483 411590 or email me at

Delxue cabin

There are 4 deluxe, twin cabins in the lower Iguana deck.

Master cabin

There are 4 master cabins on the upper deck. These can be arranged as twin or double beds

Master Stateroom

There are 4 master cabins on the upper deck. These can be arranged as twin or double beds

Ensuite bathroom

Each cabin features a private head/shower, mirrored cabinet and wardrobe, bathrobes, hairdryer, and marine safe (biodegradable) toiletries. (cabin rates, terms, conditions)

There are 8 private en-suite cabins. Each cabin features a private head/shower, mirrored cabinet and wardrobe, bathrobes, hairdryer, and marine safe (biodegradable) toiletries.

Please note these prices may not include flights. Click select for the full holiday details


2017-10-04 16:21:00

Rose and I had a super time Galapagos was well worth the wait and cost (and it's not cheap either there or in Ecuador !), we got to see everything and Mola Mola (which I've never seen before), lots of sea lions and so many sharks etc. The captain of Galapagos Sky, his entire crew, the salon manager Gonzalo and one particular guide Solon were outstanding, the likes of which I probably won't experience ever again. A very big thank you for all your hard work. You have two very happy customers (much poorer now in financial terms, but far more wealthier in experience !)

Ralph Bacon

2014-09-24 13:41:08

This was the holiday of a lifetime for us and a great deal of financial investment, but I have to say it was worth every penny. Thank you for your assistance throughout the booking process and for answering all of our questions before we went.

Derrick Potton

2014-01-10 10:12:22

Thanks for all your help in putting together a truly amazing trip on the Galapagos Sky and the land based stuff too which was equally amazing. I made it this time too ! No problems at all with the flights and the land transfers/pick ups worked extremely well. The hammerhead dives were the best I have ever had in 23 years and far better than Cocos (and I have been there twice).

Alex & Jo Mills

2013-10-22 10:50:34

Huge thank you to Caroline & Tristan and the team for organising this trip. Diving finished, now to create the rest of the videos whilst enjoying some land adventures!


2013-10-15 18:23:31

I am still reeling from a fabulous week in Galapagos last month and am now looking to book a trip with my husband early next year.

Anthea Crawford

2013-09-09 10:00:12

I just wanted to say a massive thank you for organising such an amazing trip for us. The Galapagos is incredible - totally mind blowing and I cannot believe how much we saw. The problem now is that diving anywhere else is going to pale in comparison. Looking forward to the next trip...

Andy James

2013-01-25 08:40:37

Back from the Galapagos. An absolutely awesome experience - great people, great crew, great guides, great food, great weather and the wildlife was absolutely astounding. I will be dreaming about sharks, rays, penguins, seals, turtles, iguanas and so much more for quite some time.

Michael & Nikita Poltavsky

2011-08-24 15:33:36

It was a pleasure to experience Galapagos aboard the Galapagos Sky. The quality of service was superb and there was always a friendly atmosphere. We thank all the crew members who looked so thoroughly after us and made our trip so enjoyable. Dive guides were very knowledgeable and very friendly, and the diving was unforgettable! Whalesharks, mola mola, sea lions, and schooling Galapagos and hammerhead sharks were the highlight of our trip. We have also encountered Galapagos turtles, iguanas and penguins on land. Once again we thank all of the crew members of Galapagos Sky and we hope to be back in the near future!

John McIntyre

2011-06-06 16:24:44

Now that I am finally over my jetlag and getting back to normal I just wanted to drop you both a line to say a huge thank you for inviting me to join Galapagos Sky for the recent. Sensational liveaboard trip. It was exciting, adventurous, fun, educational and many more things. I would seriously rate it as among the best trips on the planet and happy to tell anyone who cares to listen exactly that. The crew were exceptional and the service first class.

Tom & Karen

2011-06-06 16:21:58

Just wanted to say thanks for organising our trip. We had an amazing time and did some of our best dives ever - I have to say that diving with Sea Lions is quite special! The Cloud Forest was also amazing and we had a really nice couple of days there.

Lee Carter

2010-06-15 10:13:00

Lee recently went to check out Galapagos Sky, read the full report here

Covid Information for Galapagos Sky


Last Updated: 13AUG 2020

The health, safety and wellbeing of all Ecoventura guests and crew members have always been and will continue to be our number one priority.
Due to the COVID-19 crisis we have increased our already strict cleaning and disinfection procedures to an even higher level. By following this new protocol, we will not only be looking after our crew and guests but also collectively protecting the Galapagos Islands fragile ecosystem and the local community. We continue to closely monitor the global situation, following the guidelines and recommendations issued by the World Health Organization (WHO), local and national health authorities, and the Galapagos National Park to ensure a clean and safe environment for everyone. Each department has developed a complete cleanliness and sanitation plan that consists of precautionary measures throughout all aspects of the guest experience. Below you will find a summary of our enhanced protocols:

Our guests' experience

All guests will maintain a social distance of at least 6 feet between themselves and other people including the crew.
A maximum of 8 guests, 2 crew members and 1 naturalist guide are allowed per zodiac for each transfer to maintain social distancing.
They will receive a hot hand towel with an alcohol-based hand sanitizer ingredient and their hand luggage, backpacks and bags will be gently sprayed with a disinfecting mist. Subsequently, guests will be accompanied to their cabins by the crew.
All cabin amenities will be disinfected prior to each cruise. Guests will receive a personal alcohol-based gel bottle and, to avoid any cross contamination, we have removed all paper and stationary from all cabins.
Hand-sanitizing stations will be placed throughout all social areas of our yachts, with additional signage throughout guest and staff areas to remind everyone of important health and hygiene protocols, such as handwashing and physical distancing.
During the welcome briefing the biosafety measures to be followed during the cruise will be explained. The briefings will be held at the main lounge and dining room to keep the distance and they will be short and precise. Instructions for activities will be placed in a glass frame in the main lounge.
For activities such as panga rides, glass bottom boat, snorkeling and guided walks a maximum of 8 guests, 1 crew member and 1 naturalist guide are allowed per zodiac.
Captains will be in contact with other vessels to avoid coinciding in locations at the same time to avoid agglomerations

Cleaning and disinfection procedures followed in our yachts

Shoe disinfection trays have been placed at the entrance of each yacht. Cleaning products approved by the Galapagos National Park, which are effective against viruses, bacteria and other airborne and blood borne pathogens are being used in all yachts.
We have increased the frequency of deep-cleaning, while disinfecting with ozone machines (HEPA filters) all common areas, public spaces and guest cabins (in addition to crew quarters), with an emphasis on high-contact surfaces such as stair railings, door knobs, coffee stations, water dispensers, coffee tables, dining and bar surfaces, social area restrooms, jacuzzi and sun deck areas.
Crew members follow strict cleaning and sanitation charts in every stateroom and social area.
We have intensified and increased the cleaning of air conditioning recirculation filters every week, to guarantee the proper operation of the system, prior to each cruise

Scuba gear

Even though all of our expedition equipment is undergoing deep cleaning and disinfection procedures (and will be disinfected after every activity), we highly suggest all our guests bring their own regulator, mask and snorkel.

Mandatory procedures followed by our crew

All crew members residing in the Galapagos Islands will be tested before boarding. The crew arriving from the continent will have to pass all the controls and procedures established by the local Galapagos airports.
They will follow complete disinfection procedures before boarding Ecoventura yachts.
All crew members will be closely monitored on a daily basis for any symptoms (including a temperature reading) while aboard. They will be required to wear the appropriate PPE (personal protective equipment) based on their roles and responsibilities and will have to maintain a social distance of at least 3 feet between themselves and with guests.
They have received detailed training on Ecoventura sanitation protocols, in addition to learning how to identify flu or virus-like symptoms, and follow procedures as stated in the ISM (International Safety Management) manual.
Hand hygiene is the main measure of prevention and control of infection, and will be done with water and soap, following the right technique of the World Health Organization.
No crew member is allowed to disembark on any populated island, unless ordered by the captain of the yacht.
While on their disembarkation period, crew members have been recommended to self-isolate and their health will be closely monitored by our Human Resources Department.

Food & Beverage

We continue to reinforce our methods of identifying and managing food safety related risk, including Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP), as well as the cleanliness and disinfection of our dining areas, bars and kitchens.
We have eliminated our buffet service and replaced it with a menu a la carte, adjusted the dining areas to allow social distancing among groups and placed screen protectors in the bars and buffet table.
To reduce capacity in the dining room during meals:
On board Origin and Theory, the sundeck will be open for meals.
On board Letty, room service will be offered during dinner.
On board Galapagos Sky, a table for 4 people will be enabled on the Dolphin deck.
We have emphasized the cleaning and disinfection of kitchens and bars, with strict food safety standards. We follow a disinfection process in all the tableware, glassware and cutlery, as well as the utensils used by our concierges and waiters during the service. Service personnel will adhere to strict security procedures while serving all food and drinks.
In order to avoid direct contact with paper, we have removed physical menus and created digital ones that will work through QR codes.
The kitchen will be disinfected with ozone 3 times per week and only authorized crew members will be allowed to enter the kitchen

Our crew looks forward to welcoming you back to Origin, Theory, Letty and Galapagos Sky.



Last Updated: 13AUG 2020

Every government has established health and safety protocols that are mandatory for all hotels and restaurants. Our operations team will be specifically monitoring our partners' adherence to these protocols with spot checks. Our Costs and Negotiations team is asking for protocol compliance and affidavits before including them as options for our guests.


Our local guides undergo rigourous professional training with our Guardians program covering first-aid, storytelling and crisis management, meaning your clients are always in the safest hands when travelling with us.


Valid Passport at least 6 month after date of travel
Round trip Galapagos tickets (e-tickets)
Special pass issued by the Ministry of Tourism (through the tour operator)
PCR test carried out no more than 7 days prior to arrival in Ecuador
Travel Insurance
Confirmed service


Show the result of the PCR test carried out in your country as NEGATIVE
Take a NEW PCR test in Quito or Guayaquil, to reconfirm the results before flying to Galapagos (Cost paid directly per test per person)
Fill the Traveller Health Declaration
Our guide and private transportation will be waiting for you outside (following biosafety protocols at all times). Transfer to your hotel.
The use of a mask in public spaces and social distancing is mandatory. We consider masks a personal item bring as many as you like and feel comfortable and safe with.


Use Our exclusive Tropic Transfers
Stay at least 3 nights in mainland until the PCR test result is ready.
Use Green Ecuador Ecolodges while waiting for your Galapagos flight
The result will be sent to you via e-mail (Between 48 to 72 hours after test).
With negative result, continue onto the Galapagos islands.
If test ispositive mandatory quarantine will be required


Once at the airport in Quito or Guayaquil you will need to show the aforementioned documents at various checkpoints:
The special MINTUR pass.
Buy the Transit Control Card - be sure to book it in advance
Luggage control and scan for introduced species

Country Covid Travel Information

Galapagos Islands are no exempt from the FCO advice against all non-essential international travel. This is based on the current assessment of COVID-19 risks.

The Ecuadorian 14 quarantine for visitors to Ecuador and the Galapagos islands. However, there are a lot of requirements that visitors need to know before arrival. Please ask your travel consultant for full details.

You will need a must show proof of a negative RT-PCR Covid-19 test taken within 7 days of arrival ,AND undergo another RT-PCR test, at their own cost ($120-$140 USD), at the checkpoint of the Ministry of Public Health upon arrival at the Quito UIO or Guayaquil GYE airport.

You have to complete this form online before you arrive in the UK from any country:
Form to provide your journey and contact details before you travel to the UK

You have to self-isolate when you arrive in England, Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland, when you are travelling home from Galapagos.

Last Updated: 17AUG2020

Frequently Asked Questions


It usually takes around 16 hours flying time to reach Guayaquil - this is your gateway to the Galapagos islands. The flight from Guayaquil to San Cristobal is then around 2 hours. The Galapagos has year round big fish. It's most famous for the schooling hammerheads, but from December to May, Manta Season is the “warm season” for Galapagos diving. Air temperatures go up a few degrees, but typically the water at Wolf and Darwin Islands will be anywhere from 25-27C. Despite the warmth, visibility is also usually the best Galapagos has to offer during Manta Season. Between June and November, the number of whaleshark encounters increases dramatically.

Covid Travel Information

Galapagos Islands are no exempt from the FCO advice against all non-essential international travel. This is based on the current assessment of COVID-19 risks.

The Ecuadorian 14 quarantine for visitors to Ecuador and the Galapagos islands. However, there are a lot of requirements that visitors need to know before arrival. Please ask your travel consultant for full details.

You will need a must show proof of a negative RT-PCR Covid-19 test taken within 7 days of arrival ,AND undergo another RT-PCR test, at their own cost ($120-$140 USD), at the checkpoint of the Ministry of Public Health upon arrival at the Quito UIO or Guayaquil GYE airport.

You have to complete this form online before you arrive in the UK from any country:
Form to provide your journey and contact details before you travel to the UK

You have to self-isolate when you arrive in England, Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland, when you are travelling home from Galapagos.

Last Updated: 17AUG2020

Weather and Climate

The Galapagos has good weather all year round. The weather is not normally too wet (inspite of its equatorial location), with the dry season running from Jul - Dec and the warm season from Jan - Jun. Temps range from 21-30C.


Flight options

Our holidays to the Galapagos can be quoted with most major airlines from Heathrow to Guayaquil or Quito. We are able to book most major airlines. If you would like to depart from a different UK airport (eg. Glasgow/Edinburgh, Manchester, Birmingham or Gatwick) or have a specific airline you prefer to fly with, simply let us know in your booking request. Times and any applicable costs will be confirmed by your travel consultant before you finalise your holiday. If you wish to make your own flight arrangements to Guayaquil, let us know and we can remove the cost of the international flights from your quote. We are unfortunately not able to redeem airmiles on your behalf. Please do not confirm any flight arrangements yourself before your holiday is confirmed by us.


As there are no direct flight, it is simple to add a stop over en route - simply ask your travel consultant for a quote. Popular locations include the USA, Amsterdam or Madrid.

Arrange before you go

Visa requirements

UK passport holders are able to obtain a free 90 day tourist visa on arrival. Do ensure your passport has 6 months validity from your return date to prevent any issues with immigration. It is your responsibility to ensure your passport is valid and you fulfil entry requirements. Regulations can change: please review current FCO advice: click here


Scuba Travel requires all of our customers to have diving insurance. Please make sure that you have appropriate cover for your diving activities. We also strongly recommend you have travel insurance. It's worth taking out travel insurance once you have paid your deposit to ensure you are covered for unforeseen events and cancellation. Find out more about our combined dive and travel policy click here


Please speak to your local GP or check out the latest NHS advice on travel immunisations: click here

Preparing to fly


You will be able to manage your booking online once you have been ticketed (after you have paid your holiday balance). Most airlines will now enable you to select your seating at this point. There may be a small charge for prebookable seating before online check in opens. Please speak to the airline for more information about charges.

Check in

As you are flying with a scheduled airline, you will be able to check in online with your airline. Please visit their website for more information about when online check in opens.


An airport lounge is a great way to start your holiday or to while away flight connections in comfort. Scuba Travel works with Lounge Pass to offer a huge range of affordable airport lounges around the world. click here


Prebook your airport parking to save money! If you have a long way to travel, why not also look at booking an airport hotel. These aren't as expensive as you might think. click here

What happens when I arrive?

On arrival to the Ecuador mainland, you will need to clear immigration and collect your baggage. You will then be met outside of arrivals by a representative. They will be holding a board with either your destination or your name on it. If you have any issues at all locating your rep, please contact us. We have an emergency contact, manned by a member of the team here in the UK. Please call 0044 7747 488 002. We will be able to help your rep locate you in the airport.


Quito airport is around 1 hour by car from Quito city. Guayaquil airport is closer to the city, and transfers to your hotel are usually no more than 30mins. You will be advised locally of your pick up time for your return to the airport and flight to the Galapagos Islands. The flying time is around 2 hours between Guayaquil and San Cristobal


At the end of your holiday, your return transfer details will be advised locally. On leaving the Ecuador there is an departure tax of $30-$40 which must be paid in cash.



Tipping is entirely at your discretion and should reflect the enjoyment and level of service you experienced


The U.S. dollar is Ecuador’s standard currency. We strongly recommend taking cash USD to the Galapagos for gratuities and onboard charges are best paid in cash. This avoids any additional Ecuadorian taxes and service fees. Credit cards are subject to the 14% VAT plus 5% in bank fees.

Phone coverage


Plugs and electricity

110V 2 pin


Hire equipment

We recommend all divers bring their own mask, gloves, booties, fins, hood or hooded vest and computer. A personal wetsuit is also a good idea if you have space. Diving in Galapagos can be challenging and it is important that you are comfortable with the equipment you dive with.


Galapagos National Park fee: $155 (inc Hyperbaric Chamber fee & Tourist transit card).


No souvenirs are included in the price, but there will be souvenirs available locally.


Free on board


Deposits and Balances

Normally from around £1000 deposit with full balance paid 90 days before departure.

Ways to pay

We accept mastercard and visa debit or credit cards. Alternatively, you are welcome to pay via bank transfer. All non sterling card payments and UK business debit cards will be subject to the 2% surcharge. Overseas bank transfers must add £6 to the sterling total to cover international handling fees. We are not able to accept PayPal transactions.

Group Payments

If you have booked as part of a group, you can still call and pay directly without needing to go via your group leader. Please have your trip reference number to hand to help us locate your holiday as quickly as possible. You will receive a transaction receipt - your group leader will forward your ATOL certificate and booking confirmation


Repeat Guests

Are you one of Scuba Travel's repeat customers?
Over 60% of our customers trust Scuba Travel to book their next diving holiday, time after time.

And we believe you deserve a huge thanks for your ongoing support over the years, which is what our repeater discount is all about! Travel with us again in either 12 months or 24 months and you will qualify for a discount. That's all you have to do. No forms, no numbers to remember, no fuss, just a good honest price reduction.

5% off for repeat customers travelling with Scuba Travel within 24 months
5% off plus £100 bonus for repeat customers travelling within 12 months

Repeat discounts are not cumulative and cannot be applied to special offer prices


Your package is based on a twin deluxe share cabin on a full board basis

There are 17-19 dives on average itinerary plus free nitrox for certified divers, 12lt tanks and weights.

Social servings of selected alcohol with your evening meal

You can chose to pre-pay your marine park fees if you wish


This holiday excludes international flights to Ecuador (UIO or GYE) or the Galapagos Islands.. Excess baggage and any departure taxes are paid locally.

To pay on board are the Galapagos park fees ($100), chamber tax ($35) & tourist card ($20)

Rental kit hire or on board souvenirs.
Please be aware for credit card payments on board there is a 14% tax. We highly recommend taking USD cash.

Galapagos Expedition

The Galapagos have earned a mighty reputation as one of the ultimate liveaboard diving destinations and not without reason. This low-lying volcanic chain was not only Darwin's inspiration. It is home to diving the like of which you cannot find elsewh... MORE

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