Bahamas Discovery | Scuba diving Holiday

Bahamas Discovery - Caribbean

  • Water temp 22 - 30 C
  • Air Temp 22 - 32 C
  • Visibility 20m
  • Good for... Sharks, rays, caves & drop offs, virgin reef diving
  • Suitable for beginners All levels of certified diver
  • Highlights Blue holes, reef dives, swim through with reef sharks, rays and even possibly hammerheads. Exumas is a protected area with masses of fish life.

About Bahamas Discovery

The Bahamas Discovery itinerary really gets away from the ranges of day divers into the pristine Exumas national park in the Bahamas. If you have yet to discover what draws divers each year to this part of the Caribbean, then this make this your next scuba diving holiday! The diving is diverse with thrilling drop offs and blue holes, fast drifts and pelagic encounters to scenic dives around the myriad of cays and coral blocks. Fall in love with the Bahamas as you sail between the hundreds of islands and cays, soaking up the atmosphere under an endless blue sky. White sands await on the uninhabited beaches. Or just sit back and enjoy the tales of pirates and treasure that sailed the waters before you.

No two weeks are ever quite the same on the Bahamas Discovery - there are over 365 islands around Nassau and Exumas so there is always somewhere fresh and exciting to dive. The Exumas national park is an unmissable gem though and as a protected area, the marine life and coral growth is second to none. Reef sharks, lemon sharks and even hammerheads are found on the wall dives. And what drop offs they are! Eagle rays can often be seen, swooshing off along a sponge drenched wall. Blue Holes are quite special to dive and there are few thrills underwater that can compare to hovering over a seemingly bottomless abyss. Around the coral gardens and blocks you will find enormous grouper, waiting patiently to be cleaned next to a great barrel sponge or elephant ear. Huge swathes of angel fish, sergeant majors and jacks cloud the water whilst jawfish and garden eels hide on the sandy slopes. No matter where you dive, the colours are vibrant and warm water beckons you in.

The Bahamas Discovery will suit anyone looking to escape from the world. Relax on aboard as you take in the beauty of this Caribbean paradise. New divers or old will love the range of dives. Although some sites do experience strong currents, the majority of the diving will suit all experience levels. Looking for a thrill? Then jump in on one of the weekly shark dives for an experience you will never forget. Non divers are also welcome with plenty of opportunities to snorkel. In between dives you can go ashore to walk the sun drenched beaches or grab a kayak to explore. The pirates may be long gone, but there is still plenty of adventure to find on your own Bahamas Discovery.


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Embarkation Points
Aquacat departs from the Hurricane Hole Marina on Paradise Island, Nassau

Trip Duration
Aquacat offers 7 nights on board with up to 5 dives per day (except on arrival and departure days)

Please note the exact number of dives on a trip will depend on local weather conditions and diver experience levels etc. The above number of dives are intended as a rough guide only.

Flights will usually be direct to Nassau. Embarkation is from 18:00 at Bay Street Marina, Nassau. Transfers in Nassau are not included but can be arranged for 18.00USD per person per pick up. The boat will depart for Exumas around 04:00 the following morning.

Exumas Park
The majority of your time will be spent in Exumas but do be aware that the itinerary is left open so will change week from week depending on the seasonal hot spots. Amberjack Reef has prolific reef life with priate blennies and garden eels. Hundreds of horse eye jacks school around. This is also a brilliant spot to find your first reef sharks and giant groupers. The Austin Wreck is a Bahamian Defense Force Cutter that sank in 1995 and has become an excellent artificial reef as well as wreck dive.

Blacktip wall is a dive site that will wake you up. Here is the best chance to find hammerheads but also a lemon goby. Cathedral is a large swim through with beautiful reflecting light, grouper, jacks and silver sides. Black coral, elephant and tube sponges cling to the walls. Crack coral head is a massive block with yet more swim throughs to enjoy. Jeep Reef is a true scenic dive with strong currents. At the heart of the national park, there is a huge amount of marine life and sites are worth diving more than once.

Pillar wall is another awesome wall dive that drops into the deep with caves and crevices. Yellowhead jawfish are the highlight here. The Washing Machine lives up to it's name but you don't have to go for a tumble ride - there is a safe passage through the reef too. Wax cut drift is a dive both divers and snorkelers can ejoy and thanks to the currents, rays and sharks are often seen.

Whale tail wall is the place to find yet more reef sharks and eagle rays but also the possibility of a rare Caribbean torpedo ray. There are also massive parrot fish here.

Outside Exumas
Moving away from the Exumas park there a myriad of cays you can explore and dive. Remember to take some shoes with you so you can go ashore at some of the uninhabited beaches. Back to the diving, Cave Rock is a series of pinnacles with lush corals and good reef life. Hole in the Wall is one of the most abrupt drop offs you will ever see and breath taking. Montolith is another large coral mound that rises out of the sand and home to a large colony of garden eels.

Jake's Hole is a blue hole but this one is tidal. The corals surrounding the hole are vibrant and well worth investigating for smaller critters. At Half Moon Cay there is a Cave reef, a fun dive where swim throughs cut through the reef plate. Empress Pinnacles are made for meandering, with tall pinnacles rising out of the sand. Reef sharks like to weave through the mounds here too.

The boat will be heading back to Nassau for the final day and normally offer 2 dives. Jump in at Periwinkle Reef, where the friendly sergeant majors and angelfish will crownd around divers. Dive the Lost Blue Hole where you can find nurse sharks resting as well as banded jawfish, seminole gobies and tobacco fish.

After the diving is done, pack up your kit and get ready for the Captain's cocktail party at 6pm. Dinner is not included on the final night but the crew can always recommend a great local restaurant on Paradise Island. Spend your final night onboard.