Eastern Caribbean | Scuba diving Holiday

Eastern Caribbean - Caribbean

  • Water temp 22 - 30 C
  • Air Temp 22 - 32 C
  • Visibility 20m
  • Good for... Sharks, rare species, drop offs
  • Suitable for beginners All levels of certified diver
  • Highlights The Saba marine park boasts outstanding diving with drop offs and even wrecks! The dormant underwater volcano is a magnet for marine life. Sharks and turtles cruise the reef walls. There's great macro life and schooling fish. It's a superb all round itinerary

About Eastern Caribbean

The Caribbean islands of St Kitts and St Maartens are renowned for their secluded beaches and glamorous resorts, but the few divers ever venture this far for a diving holiday discover a true hidden gem - the magnificent Saba Island! So if you are looking for a true Caribbean getaway for your next diving liveaboard, then the Eastern Caribbean itinerary is the choice for you. This is an itinerary full of surprises, with vibrant coral gardens and topography that rivals anything you can find elsewhere in the Caribbean. The volcanic islands are the gateway between the Atlantic Ocean and rest of the Caribbean, resulting in a wide bio diversity and home to some of the rarer species not normally seen at other islands. Treat yourself to a unique holiday where you can taste the adventure on the tradewinds.

This itinerary will currently run St Kitts - St Kitts

The Eastern Caribbean itinerary commences at either St Kitts or St Maartens and as you journey between these two end points the nature reserve of Saba stands out. This wildlife haven is just as impressive underwater. The Eye of the Needle is a is a single tower that rises up perfectly straight from the deep. The walls dive are breathtaking, dropping off into spine tingling blue. Needlefish in their thousands swirl round and reef sharks patrol. Diamond Rock juts above the sea level but beneath the waves you will find eagle rays and turtles alongside rich macro life (blennies in particular) hiding amid the enormous sponges. As coral fingers creep across the sea bed you can look for nurse sharks and gargantuan groupers resting. Everywhere you look profusion's of jacks, snapper and goat fish chase across the reef. The angel fish pose politely for photos as drums dart about. Dive over wreckage form unidentified ships - were these the feared pirate ships of the past? Then there are the caves and swim throughs where the reef plates have cracked. Wend your way through as you take in an endlessly changing landscape before your eyes.

This itinerary will suit divers looking for that hidden paradise in the Caribbean. The diving is varied and does suit all experience levels although there are a few drift dives during the trip so some experience in this is helpful. The diving around Saba Island in particular can be more challenging with negative entries and currents to account for. There is a chance to go ashore and explore an island during the week and the snorkelling is excellent so non divers are welcome on board and will enjoy the cruising as the boat moves from one idyllic scene to the next. The photo and video opportunities are plentiful and well suited for wide angle or macro lovers. The islands and dive sites you visit over the course of your Eastern Caribbean itinerary each have their own individual flavour and are quite unlike anything else you will find in the wider Caribbean. This is a slice of paradise that is just waiting to be discovered.

Caribbean Explorer 2

Discover the diving of Saba and St Kitts on board Caribbean Explorer 2. St Kitts is well known as being one of the most picturesque Caribbean islands and has incredibly varied diving to boot. Saba Island is home to exhilarating w... MORE

Embarkation Points
Caribbean Explorer 2 departs from St Kitts island or St Maarten on alternating weeks.

This itinerary will currently run St Kitts - St Kitts

Trip Duration
Caribbean Explorer 2 offers 7 nights on board with up to 5 dives per day (except on arrival and departure days)

Please note the exact number of dives on a trip will depend on local weather conditions and diver experience levels etc. The above number of dives are intended as a rough guide only.

Flights will usually be direct to St Kitts. Depending on your starting point with the boat, you will either go directly to embarkation or require a domestic flight to St Maarten to join the boat. You will be advised at the time of booking which way round your specific itinerary will run. Embarkation is usually from 15:00. Dinner is on board before the Captain's briefing. The first night on board is spent in the harbour

St Kitts
The diving around St Kitts is incredibly diverse and there are simply too many sites to list here! You can start your trip with a check dive at Monkey Shoals. This is a reef dive well worth repeating once you have found your feet on the check dive so will normally be repeated for the second dive! There is a black sea horse that hides on the reef so eagle eyes are needed. Spanish hogs, creole wrasses and arrow crabs are some of the highlights. Jacks, parrot fish and snapper are some of the larger inhabitants. The White hole and Hurricane reef are ideal dives in the afternoons.

Paradise Reef. is a popular site Here you will find a lot of the usual faces of the Caribbean (the beautiful French and Gray angel fish are so photogenic), but there can also be a school of barracuda. In the afternoon Anchors Aweigh is another photogenic site where a coral encrusted anchor dates back to possibly the 17th century! The mystery of the wreckage is still unsolved... perhaps it was a pirate!

Moving round to St Eustatius, Barracuda Reef awaits. This is a lavish reef with impressive colours and masses of lobster. Ledges too boasts plenty of crustaceans and eels too find hiding away from prying eyes. Double Wreck is an interesting site - there is not so much wreck to dive but the ballast and anchors are still visible and home to goat fish, snappers and puffer fish.

Saba is the favourite for many divers on this itinerary and 2 full days are spent here. Eye of the Needle is one of the area's best dive sites. Formed by volcanic activity, everywhere you look there is marine life in spades and opulent corals and sponges. Third Encounter is a dramatic coral plateau with plunging walls around. Reef sharks can be seen here. Diamond Rock can be tricky with changing currents but is prolific with jacks, reef sharks and flying gurnards. Hole in the Corner is a good afternoon dive with white spotted filefish, coneys, graysbys and red hinds, that will flash you as you approach. Ladder Labyrinth is another must see site was shrimp of every kind. At night you can watch nurse sharks feed.

Tent wall is another plunging wall dive so pick your depth and enjoy. Green turtles, morays and grunts are the star attractions here. Customs House has long been the shore point for arriving boat traffic so there is all manner of curious artifacts that were dropped to discover. The mutton snapper are especially large here. Head into the Twilight Zone where a string of pinnacles hide trumpet fish, groups and an occasional reef shark. Hot Springs is the shallowest sites - warm water bubbles through the sea bed and you can find schools of tangs floating in the currents.

Dismbarkation Points
You will either finish your liveaboard at St Kitts or St Maarten depending on your start point. Dinner on the last night is spent aboard. Disembarkation is around 9:00 in the morning. Depending on your flight arrangements you may have free time on the island. The boat will store your bags or we can add a day use package at a local hotel into your booking. Please do ask at the time of booking if you have a preference.