Tiger Beach Experience - Pacific

  • Water temp 25C-27C
  • Air Temp 24-32C
  • Visibility Good
  • Good for... Big fish thrills!
  • Suitable for beginners No
  • Highlights Fantastic photography

About Tiger Beach Experience

The Bahamas comprises of a large area of protected waters and is known to have some of the best visibility on earth with an abundance of sharks. Itís the third largest barrier reef area in the world with flourishing and diverse marine life. Besides sharks, keep an eye out for several species of dolphins and whales as well as the endangered Nassau grouper, considered the national fish of the Bahamas, which can reach over a meter in length.

The Tiger Beach itinerary covers the best of the West End of Grand Bahama Island. Expect to see lots of sharks including hammerheads, nurse sharks, lemon sharks, tiger sharks, and even bull sharks. Fish tales is another great location for spotting Caribbean reef, nurse and tiger sharks. Very close to Tiger Beach but it is a little deeper with the same shark action.

This 7 night liveaboard adventure allows between 18-20 dives including several night dives (depending on conditions). In some areas the diving is comparatively shallow and there will be an 'open platform' policy to allow diving as and when you like between 8am and 10pm.

Bahamas Master

Building on our experience with hammerhead and tiger shark resort options, Scuba Travel are pleased to offer our divers a seasonal liveaboard operating in the big shark seasonal hotspots around the Bahamams. Join the 35m steel ves... MORE

The diving day aboard M/V Bahamas Master has a typical schedule as follows:-

- Light Breakfast followed by a briefing and dive 1

- Full Breakfast, relaxation period, briefing and dive 2

- Lunch, relaxation period, briefing and dive 3

- Snack relaxation period, briefing and dive 4, where possible

- Dinner

Tiger Beach Itinerary

The following is a sample itinerary of dive sites we may visit during your liveaboard safari on the Bahamas Master yacht. We wish to show you the very best diving possible, however, a number of factors can determine which sites we visit. Weather, tides, currents and many other factors determine the Cruise Director's decision of which route the yacht takes and which sites are selected for diving. Whilst we attempt to ensure the number of dives we have scheduled is fulfilled, bad weather can hinder the yacht's ability to reach a specified dive site in good time. The safety of all on board is paramount and we always do our best in offering diving at alternate locations should we be unable to visit those sites listed below.

Note: Diving in the Bahamas is comparatively shallow so where appropriate we operate an 'open deck dive policy', meaning you can make multiple dives per day between 8 am and sunset.
Guests are responsible for their own dive profiles and for obtaining suitable dive insurance to cover all diving activities. We respectfully request our divers to stay within the bounds of their training.
Dive sites we visit include but are not limited to:

Tiger Beach

Tiger Beach is located off the West End of Grand Bahama Island and the best known point for tiger and lemon shark encounters at a shallow (6- 7m/19-23ft) white sand bottom. This is the ultimate site for photographers and videographers. Chances of spotting great hammerheads, nurse sharks, and bull sharks make an appearance occasionally.

Fish Tales

Another great location for shark spotting: lemon, Caribbean reef, nurse and tiger sharks. Very close to Tiger Beach but it is a little deeper with the same shark action.