Giant Manta of Socorro| Baja Mexico

Giant Mantas of Socorro - Pacific

  • Water temp 21-26 C
  • Air Temp 21-25C
  • Visibility 15-20 m
  • Good for... Giant manta, humpbacks, hammerheads
  • Suitable for beginners No
  • Highlights The friendly giant manta are the star attraction here but during the winter you also see humpbacks. Sharks are prolific all year round at Roca Partida!

About Giant Mantas of Socorro

The Revillagigedo islands are one of Mexico's most impressive treasures. This marine park is home to droves of pelagics, making it well deserving of the nickname Mexico's Little Galapagos. It's best known residents are the giant Pacific manta, who come to be cleaned by the Clarion angel fish. These are huge manta by any standards and can grow up to 7m from each wingtip. Just jump in and let one of the most magnificent shows on earth unfold before your eyes. But the remarkable pelagic sightings don't stop there. Here you can dive with sharks in their droves. And then there are seasonal humpbacks and bait balls. What is there not to love about one of the world's last true wildernesses?
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You can only reach this remote island chain by liveaboard, but it is well worth the 22 hours sail from San Cabo. Each voyage to the Revillagiedo islands starts in San Benedicto, which is more than just a check dive! Cabo Pearce and El Boiler are two of the top manta cleaning stations on these islands. Simply look for the bright orange Clarion angel fish and wait for the manta to arrive. The distinctive Pacific manta swoop in to get close and investigate divers. Experience for yourself their inquisitive nature. Bottlenose dolphin also come in close to check divers out. Then the boat will head to Roco Partida. If you love sharks, you will not want to leave here! Dive after dive you have the chance to watch hammerheads, silkies, Galapagos sharks and, if you are really lucky, tiger sharks too, as they weave around the rocky reef. There are more white tips than you could ever hope to see elsewhere in the world. Many simply rest in alcoves along the rock wall, whilst others chase through the vast schools of creole fish and cotton mouth jacks. During our winter months humpbacks migrate into the area. If they are about some of your dives will be dedicated to snorkelling with humpbacks, often with their calves. Humpback numbers are strong and to be in the water with them is one of the most profound experience you could ever hope for.
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Due to the remote nature of the islands, divers do need to be advanced and have some experience of diving over drop offs or in potentially strong currents. Grab your wide angle and capture images like no other. This is quite simply some of the best big fish diving on the planet and a must see destination for anyone serious about diving the best dive sites of the world.
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Be advised: Pacific Fleet requires all guests to have a minimum of 50 dives to join the trip. 
As most dive sites of Socorro Islands are deeper than 18 m they require all divers to be Advanced Open Water certified. Open Water certified divers can join on board, but it will be mandatory to take the PADI Deep Adventure Dive onboard the Solmar V.

Socorro Vortex

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Solmar V

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Solmar V & Socorro Vortex depart from Los Cabos on the tip of the Baja Peninsular.

Trip Duration
A typical Giant Mantas of Socorro itinerary lasts for 8 nights on board but there are periodic 10 night special itineraries.
9 days trip (16 to 19 dives) 
10 days trip (19 to 23 dives)
11 days trip (23 to 26 dives) 


After arriving in Los Cabos you will be taken to a hotel for the night to get some rest after the flight and prepare for your trip! You will be picked up the next day and taken to the boat. Solmar V usually departs around 16:00 and begins the journey to San Benedicto overnight.

You may need to overnight in the USA or Mexico en route to Los Cabos due to flight schedules.

The number of days you spend at both locations will depend on sighting and the prevailing weather conditions.

Socorro and San Benedicto
Your check dive is usually made at San Benedicto. This is just the start of all the action. Large rays and white tip sharks are common, but these are only some of the area's smaller inhabitants.

Socorro and San Benedicto are the main manta points in the Revillagigedo marine park. The manta come in to the rocky reefs to be cleaned by the endemic Clarion angel fish. So just jump in and wait for the show to unfold.

These manta really do seem to enjoy the presence of divers and it is not uncommon for them to play or barrel roll in the bubbles. Keep your eyes out for the special black manta, quite unlike any other manta you have ever seen!

The number of days you spend at both locations will depend on sighting and the prevailing weather conditions.

Roca Partida
Roca Partida is all about shark sightings. This tiny spit of a rock in the middle of nowhere is home to plenty of pelagics. Galapagos sharks, silkies, silver tips and hammerhead are all seen around the rock. These are healthy shark populations, especially the white tips that rest in alcoves along the wall.

The afternoon dive is a must do dive with balls of cottonmouth jacks schooling inbetween the sharks. You can even find bait balls of chad mackerel just off the wall, which draw even more sharks into the action. Watch out for manta, who can come to the wall to investigate divers. This is adrenalin diving at its very best.

At the end of your time in the Revillagigedo marine park, the boat will make it's voyage back to San Cabo. This takes approx 22 hours and is made overnight. The final night on board will be back at the harbour in San Cabo. Why not hop ashore and try some of the local cuisine or bars.

Breakfast is served and then your final disembark is no later than 9am. If you flight goes later in the day you will be able to use the facilities at the marina or book a day use hotel. You will then need to arrange locally for a shuttle to the airport.

Depending on your personal itinerary you may have a further night in a hotel or fly directly back to the UK.