Cocos Expedition | Cocos Diving Holiday

Cocos Expedition - Pacific

  • Water temp 22-26
  • Air Temp 26-30
  • Visibility 10-20m
  • Good for... shark encounters
  • Suitable for beginners No
  • Highlights This is perhaps the ultimate hammerhead shark destination but there are more pelagics than just this to discover. Silkies, Galapgos sharks, silver tips and even tiger sharks....! Visit Cocos for serious shark encounters.

About Cocos Expedition

Cocos is a place that many divers aspire to visit... and one look over a typical week's diving soon reveals why this faraway dot on the horizon calls to divers. This is strictly a liveaboard only diving holiday and Scuba Travel work with the most exclusive fleets to make your dream Cocos liveaboard a reality. If you love big fish encounters and plenty of drift diving, then Cocos is undoubtedly the place for you. Add to this the peaceful exclusion of journeying to a site few other tourists will visit and you have a dream destination that was surely created with diving in mind.

With everyone safely on board and the kit stowed, the overnight sail to Cocos can commence. The island itself is approximately 35 hours steaming from the jetty so you can sit back and enjoy the magnificent vista as Cocos Island creeps into view. Laying anchor, the diving begins in earnest. Sharks, rays, turtles, tuna and barracuda all throng around the island, feeding and cleaning on the steep reef walls. The giant swarms of hammerheads are perhaps the most famous inhabitants of Cocos' waters but there are also white tips, silver tips, Galapagos sharks. Manta, mobula, marble and eagle rays swoop in, feasting on the rich plankton upwelling from the deep. The occasional curious sailfish stops by, often on the safety stop, in between chasing their prey in the blue waters. Bajo Alcyone is one of the area's most famous dives yet this is only one of the hotspots that should not be missed. Dirty Rock and Manuelita are both frequented by hammerheads so there are plenty of chances to catch the daily action. Silverado, Shark Fin Rock and Punta Maria are all unmissable, each promising a different glimpse of Cocos' thriving ecology. As the daily itinerary changes to get you to the real highlights all year round, you are certain to log more than enough sightings to talk about on the return journey to harbour.

The Cocos Expedition is an advanced itinerary for divers with some experience of drift diving. Suited to anyone with an adventurous spirit, the island is remote and 2 days sailing from the nearest hyperbaric chamber so divers are asked to be conservative - there is plenty of time to see it all! Photographers are always welcome on board so don't forget your camera. Cocos ranks as one of the top dive destinations worldwide and needs to be seen to be believed. Few other locations can offer the same heady mixture of adrenalin, comfort and jaw dropping encounters. Accessible only by liveaboard, why not reserve your space on what will be one of the most memorable dive trips undertaken.

Please note: as of April 2018 the Cocos Island National Park Department does not allow night dives, snorkeling and kayaking at the island for safety reasons.


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The Cocos Expedition runs all year round so there is always a date when you can join this trip of a lifetime!

Your Cocos Expedition adventure will depart from San Jose

Trip Duration
Wind Dancer offers trips with 9 nights onboard
Argo offers trips with 9,10 and 11 nights onboard
Sea Hunter offers trips with 9, 10 and 11 nights onboard
Undersea Hunter offers trips with 9 nights onboard.

After your arrival in San Jose, Costa Rica you will be met and transferred to a hotel for the night. You are picked up in the morning and taken to meet the boat. After check in with the dive guides, the boat will set sail for the night to Cocos island. This takes approximately 35 hours.

Cocos Island
After the journey out to the Island, the diving commences! This is what you came for after all! The exact order of dive sites will vary depending on where the sightings are at their seasonal best.

The northern dive sites such as Manuelita Outside, Manuelita Inside and Silverado (a silver tip cleaning station) are some of the most famous sites so expect to do these more than once (weather permitting). To the West you will find Dirty Rock, Viking Rock, Punta Maria and Manuelita. Big Dos Amigos, Small Dos Amigo, Bajo Dos Amigos and Shark Fin Rock are all found to the south and the eastern dive sites such as Bajo Alcyone and Submerged Rock are must see locations.

For safety reasons dives are limited to 40m max and 60 mins. In between dives there are several chances to go ashore to explore, including a stop at the Ranger's Station.

On some itineraries there may also be a chance to journey deep into the ocean on a submersible. Please enquire at the time of booking as to whether a submersible will be onboard for your chosen dates if you are interested. Charges do apply.

After the last day's diving in Cocos the return journey to the mainland begins. This is a full 35 hours sailing so a perfect chance to check out your shots, catch up on some rest or trade stories with fellow divers. Once you arrive back in San Jose you will be taken to a hotel for your final night before beginning your journey back to the UK.

After all the excitement of this safari, why not take a few days to enjoy land based tours or some time out in Costa Rica.