Brothers Islands | Red Sea Dive Holiday

Brothers Islands - Red Sea

  • Water temp 18 - 28 C
  • Air Temp 19 - 35 C
  • Visibility 15 - 25m
  • Good for... Sharks, Wrecks , Walls
  • Suitable for beginners No
  • Highlights Remote, wild and sometimes challenging, the Brothers itinerary stands out for its excellence. The wrecks are alluring and the reefs are plush, thronging with sharks, rays and even macro life!

About Brothers Islands

Want to spend more time diving the dramatic walls of the Brothers? Then this is the ideal Red Sea liveaboard itinerary for you! The Brothers, or Al Akhawian as they are known in Arabic, are two islands standing virtually dead centre of the Egyptian Red Sea. They lie almost directly east of El Quesir and mark the first of the Southern Red Sea destinations. Surrounded entirely by blue seas, it is the lighthouse that first comes into view. Built by the British in the 19th century, this lighthouse is the only indication that man has made it thus far. And then the Brothers loom out of nowhere. These two sea mounts have risen out of the water, driven by volcanic action deep below, and are home to some of the best wall diving you will find in the Red Sea. To spend a week here is to throw yourself into a world of fast drifts, big fish and spine tingling drop offs.

As the Brothers itinerary can start in either Marsa Alam or Hurgada your first and last day's diving can be diffierent. But no matter where you start off, the aim is to get you to the Brothers for as long as possible! The Brothers itinerary is the Wrecks and Reefs of the Southern Red Sea. Big Brother is where the Aida and Numidia met their ends. The Aida sank towards the north west tip of Big Brother, overwhelmed by the waves whilst attempting to deliver goods to the lighthouse. Ripped in 2 she fell to 30m. Hanging over the precipice edge of the northern tip, the Numidia smashed into Big Brother in 1901. Her upper bow has disappeared into the reef but from mid ships down, the structure vanishes into the dark blue depths. Sat on a ledge around 90m, the Numidia is a spectacular wreck dive at any hour of the day. Little Brother island sits just below Big and is home to pristine reef, adorned with giant gorgonian sea fans. Shifting currents move down the Red Sea and carry vast amounts of nutrients to the islands and with it an astonishing marine life. The vertical walls are packed with large grouper, scorpion fish, resident napoleon and octopus. Swathes of anthias, snapper, barracuda and tuna school in the blue and patrolling grey reef sharks can be found wherever the currents meet. Spring sees hammerheads and silkies close in on the walls whereas the summer brings oceanic white tips. A healthy population of thresher sharks are spotted over winter months, just adding to the shark tally. With turtles on Big and manta on Little, the Brothers is an oasis in the midst of so much sea.

The Brothers itinerary is suited to advanced divers and although there are no longer any minimum dives required, we do recommend divers have experience on drop offs, drift diving and with boat diving. Currents can get fast and an SMB is needed at all times. Night diving is prohibited meaning you get to enjoy the sun set behind the mainland mountains, visible over an uninterrupted horizon. Remote, wild and sometimes challenging, the Brothers itinerary stands out for it's excellence. The reef walls are steep, making it a brilliant technical destination. The wrecks are alluring and worth repeating over the week. The reefs are plush and thronging with fish life. Large pelagics are routinely seen, which means dives are never boring. Up close and personal, the Brothers itinerary and Southern Red Sea take diving to the next level.

Grand Sea Serpent

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We have several departures that will focus primarily on the Brothers islands throughout the year. They are popular so make sure you book early!

Ghazala Explorer departs from the New Marina Hurghada
Bella Eriny departures are typically from Sharm
Emperor Fleet departures are typically from Hurghada or Port Ghalib
Aggressor Fleet departures are typically from Hurghada

Trip Duration
All of our Brothers trips run for 7 nights with 7 nights spent on board your liveaboard.

There are normally 3 day dives apart from on your first and last day. Night diving is prohibited whilst at the Brothers although there will normally be at least 1 night dive during the week. There are around 18 dives on an average week but this can vary.

All liveaboard itineraries are subject to various unpredictable changes including weather conditions and changes in local Government approval. Whilst our boat operators make every effort, we cannot guarantee diving at specific sites. In adverse weather conditions, the guides and captain of the boat will have the final decision about which dive sites to visit to ensure that the safety of guests, staff and boats is not compromised in any way.

Once you have been picked up from the airport you will be taken to the port to board your liveaboard. If you are making your own way to the harbour we ask that you not board before 18:00. There will be a full welcome briefing on arrival and you can set your kit up. If you have prepaid any rental equipment this will be given to you on arrival. There is then your first dinner and you can settle in for the evening. The boat will not leave harbour on this first night.

After the boat permissions are sorted, the boat will depart the next morning and the check dive will be made.

A normal Brothers itinerary will dive at the following areas but the exact dive sites and order will vary week by week depending on what people enjoy, where the best sightings have been and reflect diver experience levels.

The Brothers
You can dive both Big and Little Brother and both are quite individual, despite only being a stone's throw from each other. At Big Brother you will dive the Numidia and the Aida. The Numidia is a breath taking dive, hanging over the sheer drop off. The Aida is the deeper of the two wrecks but can be dived technically or recreationally.

After the wreck fix, Little Brother is the shark site with regular grey reef sharks seen on the plateau or around the sea fan garden. Both walls are superb drift dives. Night dives are prohibited in this area. The south plateau at Big Brother doubles as a cleaning station for thresher sharks. Watch these graceful sharks circle the coral mounds early in the morning (watch the current too!). Hammerheads are usually seen in the spring, silkies late winter and oceanic white tips in the autumn.

The great thing about this itinerary is the chance to repeat several dives and sightings do vary enormously.

Once you depart the Brothers, you will normally arrive in Safaga, a port town. Safaga now has a couple of wreck options, which includes the controversial Salem Express. Alternatively, enjoy the wonderful reef dives at locations such as Panorama.

At the beginning and end of the trip you will do a dive around Hurgada. The exact sites will vary but Gota Abu Ramada is a great location - look out for the baby barracuda, trigger fish and large coral blocks.

You will normally leave the boat after breakfast on your last day and be transferred to a hotel for the day. Your final transfer will take you to the airport for your return flight home. Please do speak to the travel consultant at the time of booking to confirm the exact last day arrangements as it can vary.