Tekstreme Northern Safari - Red Sea

  • Water temp 19-28C
  • Air Temp 19-35C
  • Visibility 15-25m
  • Good for... Tek wreck!
  • Suitable for beginners New tek divers welcome
  • Highlights Tek wreck diving at its very best - discover the deeper side of the Northern Red Sea on a dedicated tek itinerary for all experience levels.

About Tekstreme Northern Safari

Few liveaboards can offer a more complete tek diving holiday than Tekstreme's northern safari. This is tek wreck heaven on a dedicated itinerary that explores the deeper side of the northern Red Sea. Jump aboard for extended bottom times and a host of dive sites at depths of between 45-100m. This is tek diving at its absolute best. The warm water, outstanding vis and superb Tekstreme guides just make it all the more enjoyable!

This is a dedicated tek itinerary which means you can really start logging some serious depth and bottom time. The exact itinerary will be quite flexible, responding to the dive plans and local conditions. More time will usually be spent on the wreck dives with less emphasis on the reef diving. The wrecks that you can expect to dive are nothing less than iconic. Moor up on the Rosalie Moller for a full day and discover for yourself why this remains one of the most alluring wrecks in the Northern Red Sea. Have you ever dived the Abu Nuhas wrecks in one glorious extended dive? Now you can! Explore the iron bones of the Carnatic before you head into the engine room of the Giannis D. The Hebat Allah, Colona V and Umm Gammar Gulf wrecks just add to the thrill. Visit the stunning archways at Small Giftun and Thomas Canyon.... and so much more!

The Tekstreme Northern Safari is open to all divers no matter what their Tek experience. Open and closed circuit divers are welcome and your holiday package will include twin set or CCR tank hire as well as a pair of bail out cylinders. The courses available on board include PADI TecRec, TDI and BSAC so no matter if this is your first foray into tek diving or you just want to expand your tek experience the dedicated tek instructors are there for you! Courses are not included in the trip and do need to be prebooked so please do discuss what your goals for the trip are with your travel consultant at the time of booking.

Emperor Elite

Emperor Elite heads the Emperor Fleet. From the moment you step onto Emperor Elite you realise that this is an outstanding Red Sea liveaboard designed by divers for divers. Everything is just where you would want it to be. She ... MORE

Embarkation point
This itinerary starts at the Hilton Plaza Marina in Hurgadha

Trip duration
This trip includes 7 nights on board your liveaboard. The number of dives per day will depend on your dive plan. As a rough guide:
40-45m - normally 2 deco dives/day with a possible 3rd dive
45-70m - normally 2 deco dives/day with no reverse profiles
70m+ - normally 1 dive/day

On arrival in Hurgadha you will be met and taken directly to the boat. The boat will not sail on your arrival night but rather depart early the following morning.

All liveaboard itineraries are subject to various unpredictable changes including weather conditions and changes in local Government approval. Whilst our boat operators make every effort, we cannot guarantee diving at specific sites. In adverse weather conditions, the guides and captain of the boat will have the final decision about which dive sites to visit to ensure that the safety of guests, staff and boats is not compromised in any way.

Giftun Island is only a short sail from the marina and a perfect place to start your tek week - get the gear and weights in order. The wall itself here drops away to around 100m but at 45m is an attractive arch way. This can be a gentle drift along the wall before you head to the arch. Look out for macro life here, especially as you start to work your way into the shallows at the end of the dive where you will find some picturesque pinnacles.

Hebat Allah wreck
The Hebat Allah is an artificial reef. This former cargo boat was sunk in 2004 at a welcoming tekkie depth of around 45m max. This is an excellent wreck to work your way around with several penetration options. Get your wreck skills ready for some of the deeper dives that are coming!

Rosalie Moller
The Rosalie Moller was made for tek diving to a max of about 50m. Why not spend time over the stern section before you look more closely at the fore section. There is so much to find here you will love every second. Any wreck penetration here is at the discretion of the dive guide and strict safety guidelines must be followed as well as lining off.

Abu Nuhas
There are 4 wrecks around Abu Nuhas and over 2 dives you can mix these up as you wish. Dive the Giannis D and Carnatic - the youngest and oldest Abu Nuhas wrecks. Or even dive the Chisoula K and Marcus (depending on surface conditions). With extended bottom times, it is possible to dive more than 1 wreck in a single dive.

Shabrur Umm Gammar
At Shabrur Umm Gammar boasts 2 tek wreck dives at one site - there is the wreck of the Gulf Fleet at 100m or the Colona V wreck at 65m. The Gulf Fleet wreck is around 60m in length lying slightly to the port. As you make your way back up stop off at the Colona wreck, a former dive boat!

Thomas Canyon & The Lara Wreck
Thomas Canyon is one of the most popular tek dives around Sharm. The canyon itself starts around 30m and drops right down to a narrow crack all the way down to around 100m. There 3 archways to navigate and they are an ideal photo opp moment. The remains of the Lara wreck are clearly visible from the surface of Jackson reef but the wreck itself has slipped down the reef on the north side, now drenched in coral.

On your final morning you will disembark from the boat after breakfast. You will then have free time in Hurgada (your bags will be stowed safely). Lunch will be provided for you. You will then be picked up and taken to the airport for your final flight home.