Tech Wreck | Red Sea Dive Holiday

Red Sea Tek Wreck - Red Sea

  • Water temp 19 - 28 C
  • Air Temp 19 - 35 C
  • Visibility 15 - 25m
  • Good for... Wrecks, Reefs, Big Fish
  • Suitable for beginners No
  • Highlights It's time to dive deeper on the Red Sea's wrecks on this dedicated Red Sea tek wreck itinerary - the Hebat Allah, the Aida, Numidia (the Brothers) and Salem Express are waiting for you

About Red Sea Tek Wreck

Technical diving and wreck diving often go hand in hand and fit so perfectly that Scuba Travel have created a special liveaboard itinerary - Red Sea Tek Wreck. Indulge your love of the deep and a passion for the wrecks under the Egyptian Red Sea in one awesome week. There are scores of wrecks in the Southern Red Sea and on this exciting, dedicated tek itinerary we have selected some of the very best. They are a must see for all technical divers exploring the deeper side of diving with all manner of marine life and goodies to find. Rebreather or open circuit tech diver? Grab your tanks and under the watchful eye of one of the leading technical diving instructors, hunt out the secrets that lie beneath.

Departing from Hurgada, the wreck action starts straight away. The Hebat Allah and El Mina are both wrecks that are accessible to recreational divers, but for the full experience, you want to be able to dive to 40-45m. From here you cruise to the Brothers. Feel the drama as you drop off the edge of the Numidia wreck. She plunges down into the dark blue abyss. The Aidia is another superb wreck for tek divers. The for section starts around 30m but the holds and prop finish around 50m. Come off the wreck and cruise down the wall - look for sharks. You will then move over to Little Brother. It's all about sharks here so get ready for some close encounters! The Salem Express is not a technical wreck but it is deeply evocative and a moving dive. The trip usually finishes at Shaab el Erg, where the spinner dolphins come out to play!

The Tek Wreck itinerary will suit anyone who enjoy wreck diving but is also a great chance to log some hours on your technical gear without the hassles that sometimes entails. With the crew on hand to help kit up and assist with the tanks your diving is all the more enjoyable. The warm waters of the Red Sea make deco stops whizz by as you float in the fab viz. This itinerary is only run on fully technically enabled boats which makes gas fills quick. No matter if you are on a rebreather, twinset, trimix or deco diving, your every need will be catered for. Recreational divers with a Deep Diver specialty are also welcome. PADI, PADI tec and TDI courses are available on board so let us know if you like more information. Mistral is a stable, steel hull liveaboard that is perfect for tek diving. The dive deck is low in the water and there's bags of kitting up space. No worries if you need to rent some extra kit or want individual mixes (additional charges apply).


Mistral is the latest liveaboard in a long line of award winning vessels from Tornado Marine Fleet She has been thoughtfully laid out to optimise space on board. Her steel hull complements her speed and she's incredibly stable in ... MORE

Embarkation point
This itinerary starts at the new harbour in Hurghada

Trip duration
This trip includes 7 nights on board your liveaboard. Dive times will be appropriate to the depth and technical dive plans for the day.

On arrival in Egypt you will be taken directly to the boat where you will get a chance to check your kit is all in working order and find your spot on the dive deck. The guides will give you a full welcome meeting and check in followed by dinner.

The itinerary and wrecks visited will vary dependant on the experience level of the divers onboard

All liveaboard itineraries are subject to various unpredictable changes including weather conditions and changes in local Government approval. Whilst our boat operators make every effort, we cannot guarantee diving at specific sites. In adverse weather conditions, the guides and captain of the boat will have the final decision about which dive sites to visit to ensure that the safety of guests, staff and boats is not compromised in any way.

The Brothers
You can dive both Big and Little Brother and both are quite individual, despite only being a stone's throw from each other. At Big Brother you will dive the Numidia and the Aida. The Numidia is a breath taking dive, hanging over the sheer drop off. The Aida is the deeper of the two wrecks but can be dived technically or recreationally. After the wreck fix, Little Brother is the shark site with regular grey reef sharks seen on the plateau or around the sea fan garden. Night dives are prohibited in this area.

Recreational wrecks
The Salem Express and El Meina are all recreational wrecks that will be visited on this itinerary.

Hebat Allah
The Hebat Allah is a purpose sunk wreck just off Hurghada. She's been down for over 10 years now and is brimming with life. The main structure starts at around 25m so it is diveable for recreational divers. However to really see the most the wreck has to offer is it beneficial to be able to dive to 40m or so (the sea bed is 46m)

You will normally leave the boat after breakfast on your last day and be transferred to a hotel for the day. Your final transfer will take you to the airport for your return flight home. Please do speak to the travel consultant at the time of booking to confirm the exact last day arrangements.