Fiji Discovery - Pacific

  • Water temp 25 - 29C
  • Air Temp 24 - 29C
  • Visibility 5 - 25m
  • Good for... Reefs, Sharks, Walls
  • Suitable for beginners All levels of certified diver
  • Highlights Famous for the stunning pristine reefs, the Fiji discovery is a unique itinerary that shows you the best of this magnificent underwater world.

About Fiji Discovery

There really is only one way to see the very best the Fiji has to offer and that is from a liveaboard. So why not spoil yourself and let the Fiji Discovery whisk you to the most remarkable and breathtaking dive sites in and around Blight Water and the Koro Sea. Fiji is made up of hundreds of islands so you can sail from point to point, exploring the miles of reef as you travel. Ranging from shallow pinnacles to deep sea mounts there is something for everyone on this itinerary and it is an undoubted voyage filled with thrills... this is dive escapism at its very best.

The Fiji Discovery departs from the Novotel hotel in Suva and sails straight to Wakaya. With walls, pinnacles and channels this is the place to see manta, hammerheads and other sharks. Manta Point lives up to its name and Wakaya Pass is a deep abyss - perfect for shark sightings. From Wakaya you move to Gau Island where Kim's Alley and Ningali Pass await. The Island of Koro tends to be the next stop off and Black Rock Caverns is the dive that stands out here with atmospheric caves and caverns just begging to be explored. The last stop on the route is Makongi Island which is protected by a barrier reef to the north. The Coral Gardens are sumptuous and Rustic Arch is a stunning natural formation that will impress. An evening is spent with the local tribe on Makongi Island so remember to pack your saraong and get ready to enjoy the dancing. This is the last main area on the Fiji Discovery before the journey back to harbour begins.

Fiji's reefs are in pristine condition and at all of the dive sites you will find lush gardens and giant sea fans. Koro Gardens is a particularly fine example of just how healthy these reefs are. Sharks (hammerheads, reef sharks and even silver tips) and manta are seen on the deep drop offs at Wakaya Pass, Sand Point and E6. Magic Mound is home to white tip sharks and keep an eye out for barracuda and tuna at North Save a Tack. Hi 8 is teeming with sweetlips whilst Rustic Arch is a great spot for napoleon wrasse. White Rock is a favourite site with the guides as there is a friendly and photogenic school of fusiliers whilst Jim's Alley is home to clown fish and turtles. The diving is diverse in Fiji and no two locations are quite the same. Enjoy a new adventure each day!

The Fiji Discovery is open to all experience levels and although there is a little drift diving on the itinerary everyone can marvel at the expansive coral gardens and extravagant marine life. From the largest to smallest inhabitants, Fiji's reefs have it all. Non divers will find a whole new world snorkeling over the reef tops and with an evening spent ashore at Makongi, no one will feel left out. Photographers will find subjects of all shapes and sizes. From the largest manta to the smallest sea horse Fiji has it all. Nitrox is available but rebreather diving is not supported.

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The Fiji Discovery itinerary runs year round, with weekly departures.

Island Dancer departs from the Novotel harbour, Suva.

Trip Duration
The Fiji Discovery itinerary runs for 7 days

You will be met on arrival from your domestic flight and taken directly to the boat. Settle into your cabin, set up the dive gear and meet your fellow passengers. The boat will depart on this morning and proceed straight to the check dive.

Gau Island
Gau Island has 2 stand out dives. Koro Garden is a single large coral head with dramatic drop offs. This is hard coral capital. Not far away is Shark Fin Point. It's not unusual to see schools of barracuda 500 strong here! Eagle rays vie for your attention alongside grey reefs and white tips sharks.

Makongi Island
Coral Gardens is a series of bommies that are an alluring mix of hard and soft corals. Turtles lazily swim around here and white tips rest on the sea bed. E6 and Hi* are simply sublime sites - the corals are especially spectacular but it is also a great location to see silver tips and other sharks. The red sea fns are perfect for photographers!

Namena is a marine park and great long barrier reef that stretches for over 10 miles! Due to the varying conditions, each site has to be carefully judged before diving. But what a reward awaits! Save a Tack is a speedy drift dive, while the Chimneys are 3 bommies that are packed with sand eels and macro life. From the biggest pelagics to the smallest critters, you can see it all in a single day in Namena.

Wakaya Island
Gem Stone is a wall dive with swim throughs and seemingly endless viz. Mantas are seen here and it makes for an exciting night dive too! Golden Rock, Sand Point and Wakaya are the final stops in this voyage of wonder. Blue ribbon eels, marble rays, turtles, and even manta. They've saved the best for last surely!

This is the final day of the trip and you will catch a domestic flight back to Nandi after disembarking around 8:00. From Nandi you will take your return international flights home or to continue your adventure in Fiji