Best of Kona | Hawaii

Best of Kona - Pacific

  • Water temp 22-28C
  • Air Temp 21-27C
  • Visibility 25,+
  • Good for... Big pelgaics to small macro
  • Suitable for beginners All levels of certified diver
  • Highlights Lava tunnels, fingers and coral bommies rise out fo the sea bad and draw in marine life from the smallest macro to great manta. Humpback whales migrate through on our winter months.

About Best of Kona

Kona's volcanic formation makes it a divers playground! Lava tunnels, fingers and coral bommies rise out fo the sea bad and draw in marine life from the smallest macro to great manta. Humpback whales migrate through on our winter months. Resident dolphins love to play underwater or in the bow wake. It's a popular warm water Pacific destination for photographers and snorkelers. Say aloha to adventure on an itinerary that extends well past the range of day divers.

The manta dive at Keahole Point is an undeniable highlight of the trip. This is a world famous night dive and a must do dive. But they are not the only big fish sightings. White tip reef sharks rest on the seabed. Turtle Pinnacle is an active turtle cleaning station and spotted eagle rays cruise past Kaokos Arches. Wend your way through the lava formations at Tubestria Tunnel or simply enjoy the clouds of butterfly fish, anthias and jacks on the reef dives. Garden eels hide in the sandy bottom, while scorpion fish and left fish camouflage themselves on the corals. The itinerary ventures far from the reach of day operators to beautiful South Point, the southernmost tip of Hawaii and the United States, weather permitting. No matter where you dive, keep an eye and ear out for dolphins.

You can really pack in the diving on this this, with up to 5 dives a day on most days. The Best of Kona itinerary is open to all levels of divers. All diving is done from the main boat, so messing about with RIB transfers or tenders. Most of the dive sites are well sheltered from currents. We would recommend an AOW certification to allow you to get the most from the itinerary depth wise. Dive guides will provide a full briefing for each diver, and there are in water to help with photo, video and spotting services.

Kona Aggressor

From the historic seaside town on Kailua Kona, an exciting world underwater waits for you. The sites of west and south Kona extend past the range of day divers. Forget the world and say aloha to some of the islands best sites.., P... MORE

Kona Aggressor II departs from the downtown pier at Kailua-Kona.

Trip Duration
Usually trips last 7 nights on board.

Aggressor liveaboard offer up to 5 dives a day, except on the first and last day's diving.

Embarkation for Kona Aggressor II is from 17:00. However, to prevent any issues with baggage and in the event of flight delays, we highly recommend arriving at least 1 day earlier.

Keahole Point-Manta Theatre
This is perhaps one of Hawaiis most famous dives. Lights are lowered into the water at night, which attract the tiny organisms manta love to feast. Settle in and watch the show!

Old airport is another good place for manta, and during the day dive they often fly by.

Thompsons Reef
Thomspon's Reef is a pinnacle, where vast schools of butterfly fish hang in the blue. Part the clouds of fish and you can find white tips resting on the sandy bottom

Turtle Pinnacle
Turtle Pinnacle is a cleaning stating and as such, you can see several turtles on a single dive. Photographers love this site! There is also a resident school of barracuda.

Tubestria Tunnel
The Lava fingers that extend right from the shore have formed ridges of canons and swim throughs, smothered in tubastrea corals. There are no less than 3 resident frog fish - can you find them?

Paradise Pinnacle
Parapdise Pinnacle is just one of the great reef dives around Kona. This is a large bommie that raises out of the balck sand. It's packed with garden eels, crocodile fish, lion dish and hermit crabs. The reefs in general are abundant with schooling fish, and brightly coloured anthias darting around. The hard orals are home to scorpion and leaf fish.

Disembarkation from the boat is at 08:00. Why not add a few extra night on Konda, travel to one of Hawaii's other islands, or stop en route in the USA? Talk to your travel consultant about the extension options.