Wakatobi Discovery | Indonesia Diving Holiday

Wakatobi Discovery - Far East

  • Water temp 27 - 28 C
  • Air Temp 29 - 30 C
  • Visibility 10 - 30m
  • Good for... Macro, Reefs, Fish
  • Suitable for beginners All levels of certified diver
  • Highlights This unique itinerary takes you to pristine reefs amongst a largely undiscovered pocket of Indonesia. With everything from the smallest critters to big fish encounters this is a dive holiday with a difference.

About Wakatobi Discovery

Wakatobi may seem like a mere speck on a map but in reality, Indonesia is a long swathe of islands cutting through the waters. Wakatobi sits on the edge of the Banda Sea and whilst you can opt to stay shorebased, there is no better way to really get to know the area that from the comfort of a liveaboard. The Wakatobi Discovery sets down at only the best of the region's dive sites to ensure you see nothing but pristine perfection underwater.

Departing from the Wakatobi Resort and check dive dispatched with, the Wakatobi Discovery makes a giant loop through the neighbouring islands and waterways. Kick you feet up and cruise the islands of Tomia, Kaledupa, Binongko, Hoga, Wanci and Buton. These exotic sounding stop offs offer the most varied and thrilling diving on reef tops of an unparalleled quality. Escape from everyday life on Alice in Wonderlands reef or take time to explore the Fish Market. Gone with the Wind is a long sweeping drift dive that lives up to its name whereas Cheeky Beach is named after the local children who like to spy on divers in the shallows. Magic Pier will not disappoint while Wanji Sea Mount is dripping in lush soft corals. The exact route changes to get to the seasonal highlights but as you splash into one mysterious site after another, you can be sure that this is as close to dive heaven as you will ever find.

The Banda Sea is a divers playground. The reefs benefit from a glut of nutrients that are pushed through the Pacific and Indian Oceans. The opulent coral reefs that spring up to feast on this are home to some of the most wonderful and exclusive marine critters you will find. Whilst black and white tip sharks are the largest predators, turtles and rays compete for the top spots. Sea snakes and blue ribbon eels slink along the reef whereas the eagle eyed will find spotted garden eels and napoleon snake eels. Lion fish, pipefish, cornets and triggers are the middleweights and hiding behind them are frogfish, scorpion fish, pygmy seahorses, mantis shrimp... and of course nudibranchs in every shape and colour. Even on the occasional muck dive, there is no lack of life underwater to marvel at.

The Wakatobi Discovery makes for an idea liveaboard for any diver although we suggest a minimum of 30 dives and advanced certification. The Wakatobi philosophy puts the environment and conservation at the core so good buoyancy skills are vital. Fish lovers will be right at home on any of the stunning reefs and photographers are spoiled for choice. Experienced rebreather divers are also welcome on the Wakatobi Discovery.

The Wakatobi Discovery will make you fall in love with diving all over again. And with the added comfort and luxury of the liveaboard, it simply does not get any better. Underwater, there is such a wealth of bio diversity that there is never a dull moment. Come discover Wakatobi for yourself.


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Day 1
Starts as you arrive in Bali and are transferred to your hotel for the night.

Day 2
A transfer on day 2 takes you to the airport for the flight to Wakatobi resort where you join the boat and make the check dive.

Day 3
Starts with a dive at Wangi Wangi Bay before moving on to Alice in Wonderland, Escape and a night dive.

Day 4
Commences at Bianca 2, follwowed by Magic Pier, Cheeky Beach and a night dive at Asphalt Pier

Day 5
Kicks off with a day dive at Asphalt Pier and Magic Pier before moving on to 2 dives at the Fish Market.

Day 6
Begins with the Terrace Garden and Hoga Buoy then moves to dive at Inner Pinnacle and Outer Pinnacle.

Day 7
Starts at with a second dive at Inner Pinnacle and Hoga Buoy 4 before moving the boat to Fish Wall and Cavern Wall.

Day 8
Rounds off the week with dives at Blade, Dunia Baru, Roma and Teluk Waitii. There is an option to snorkel at Table Colour City.