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Anilao Verde Romblon Ticao - Far East

  • Water temp 26 - 29 C
  • Air Temp 26 - 30 C
  • Visibility 5 - 25m
  • Good for... Mantas, unusual macro, walls and lush coral gardens
  • Suitable for beginners Confident beginners upwards
  • Highlights The brand new Anilao Verde Romblon Ticao itinerary mixes up critter muck diving with fast action current dives and wide angle walls, plus blackwater diving, in some of the most hard to reach dive locations in the Philippines.

About Anilao Verde Romblon Ticao

This trip combines some of the best of each diving environment available in the Philippines, from Macro/Super-Macro to gorgeous Reefs bustling with life. These areas are hard to access for daily diving, making this a one of a kind liveaboard itinerary. Each location visited is worthy in itself of being regarded as a world-class dive location and combined this is a thrilling new itinerary and we cannot wait until it sets sail in the summer of 2019. Get off the beaten track and cast off on a diving adventure on board the superb Solitude 1 liveaboard.

The 4 main areas of Anilao, Romblon, Ticao and Verde all offer their own unique attractions to divers. The corals are spectacular, and large gorgonians cling to the reefs. Watch out for eagle rays or sharks. Ticao is best known for the Manta Bowl dive, where large rays come in close. Tuna alley is famed for jacks and barracuda. If it is fast paced, drift dives, you will love the walls around Verde. Here the Pinnacle and Washing machine draw in large schools of fish and even pelagics. Anilao and Romblon are where you want to dust off your macro lens and the critter hunt begins. Romblon is best known for the incredible range of nudibranchs, but Palje is also a pgymy seahorse site, whilst Lunas is ideal for octopus of every shape and size.

PLEASE NOTE: As of SEPT 2020 this itinerary will not dive Ticao and will run Roblon, Verde and Anialo only

This itinerary does have an element of exploration to it, as no other liveaboard has run this route before. It would suit confident beginners upwards and we would recommend an AOW certification, as some dives may experience strong currents or be on a wall. Ticao does require flat conditions to dive at. It is perfect for keen photographers or divers who like to mix up the small critters with big pelagics.

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Scuba Travel run the Anilao Verde Romblon Ticao itinerary over the summer months of July - September

PLEASE NOTE: As of SEPT 2020 this itinerary will not dive Ticao and will run Roblon, Verde and Anialo only

This trip embarks from Solitude's Anilao resort.

Trip Duration
This trip disembarks from Solitude's Anilao resort.

Depending on your flight times, you may require a night in Manila either before or after your liveaboard. Why not spend a few days in Anilao critter diving?

Your first and last day will be spent in Anilao, the critter capital of the Philippines. Get your macro lens ready. Some of the coolest and most unusual critters are spotted here! You will then sail to Romblon

Romblon is picking up quickly on diver's radars as a spot to rival, if not surpass, that of Lembeh for macro. It is regarded as the best location to find the 'Holy Grail' of nudibranchs, the Melibe Colemani, with dozens to be found on a single dive! The equally stunning Cyerce sp. are also found in abundance here! Other rarities from Severnsi & Pontohi Pygmy Seahorses to Mimic and Wunderpus Octopus can be found in this Macro/Super-Macro paradise.

There is plenty more to be found around the area, from a Blue-Hole dive to beautiful reefs and turtle sanctuaries.

Days 3, 4 and 5 are planned around Ticao. This area is most famous for the site known as "Manta Bowl." As the name suggests, it is an excellent location to find the awe-inspiring Manta Rays. Though it's not just Manta Rays one can hope to see, around this site Whale Sharks and even Hammerheads are found on a regular basis.

This location alone offers so much more than just that, from sharks, huge schools of tuna and jackfish to stunning and vast reef walls. This spot is a dream for wide-angle photographers.

Please note: Ticao can only be dived in flat conditions. Atlernative sites will be located if the region is inaccessible.

Day 6 is then spent around the area of Burias, where some exploratory diving will take place.

Verde Island
Day 7 is spent around Verde, which is not too far from Anilao itself. Verde boasts some of the most pristine corals to be found within the Philippines, Verde too offers plenty of macro critters to be found such as frogfish and nudibranchs. Although, the main attraction here is the stunning reef, the sheer abundance, and variety of fish and coral species here is truly remarkable!

Around this area one can find some strong currents, which opens up possibilities to see some pelagics such as Manta Rays and even Thresher Sharks.

You will normally leave the boat after breakfast on your last day and be transferred to Manila airport to begin your journey home. Please do speak to the travel consultant at the time of booking to confirm the exact last day arrangements.

Alternatively, why not add an extension at one of the many beautiful resorts in the Philippines.