Southern Visayas - Far East

  • Water temp 26 - 29 C
  • Air Temp 26 - 30 C
  • Visibility 5 - 25m
  • Good for... Pristine reefs and massive bio diversity
  • Suitable for beginners Yes
  • Highlights The Southern Visayas tour is the best introduction to diving in the Philippines and includes some of its most famous reefs. Pristine corals and varied marine life big and small make this a must do Far Eastern itinerary.

About Southern Visayas

The Philippines are still undiscovered by most UK scuba divers and the myriad of islands make it ripe for liveaboard diving. From the decks of your Philippines liveaboard, you can explore a vast expanse of sea and island hop between the pristine, colourful reefs and diverse marine life. Any scuba diving holiday to the Philippines will thrill but if you have never before been to this diving heaven, make the Southern Visayas itinerary your first choice. This island group is arguably one of the most astonishing and bio diverse areas of Asia! Relax into the simple routine of liveaboard life as each perfect dive unfolds before you.

The southern Visayas tour starts from Bohol and from here your exploration of world class reef dives begins. Cabilao Island, Balicasag, Sumilon, Panglao, Pamilican and Siquijor... these are the exotic names that will stand out in your log book for years to come. The diving from in each area is diverse as you move from current swept walls to scenic coral gardens Siquijor is just one outstanding example of the dazzling pristine reefs that await. The Southern Visayas itinerary will get you closer to a huge range of marine life. From the biggest inhabitants to the very smallest and microscopic critters, there is a dive along this route that will get your attention. If your passion is macro, then Cabilao will thrill, home to great gorgonian sea fans and the tiniest pgymy seahorses hiding in the fronds. Giant frogfish, a cornucopia of nudibranch and ghost pipefish are all regularly seen. Balicasag throngs with schooling fish. Sardines, snapper and barracuda, these massive schools of fish are mesmerising. Turtles of all shapes and sizes can be found at many reefs along the route but these are not the only large inhabitants. Pamilican is the pelagic hot spot. Keep your eyes peeled for reef sharks, manta rays and eagle rays. Dogtooh tuna and wahoo swoosh around you.

The Southern Visayas itinerary will suit most experience levels although some dives will be speedy drifts. Dives vary in depth from shallow pinnacles to deep caves. You will rarely come across other divers on this itinerary so it is perfect for anyone looking for the ultimate dive escapism. Photographers and videographers will have no end of subjects to snap away at. The Southern Visayas are seldom seen by most divers and tourists - this is an exciting new itinerary in a secret corner of the world. Book your trip today before this secret gets out! And with all of the advantages of liveaboard diving, you can relax in the Philippines without a care in the world. Supreme diving meets utter convenience and comfort to make this itinerary a winning recipe.

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Scuba Travel run the Southern Visayas itinerary when the season is the best.

Azores will embark at Dumaguete, which is usually reached by a domestic flight from either Cebu or Manila.

Trip Duration
All of our Southern Visayas trips run for 7 nights with 7 nights spent on board your liveaboard.

There are normally up to 5 dives a day including night dives (may differ on your first and last day). This can vary depending on local weather conditions.

On arrival in Dumaguete you will be met and taken to the boat. There will be a full welcome briefing on arrival and you can set your kit up. If you have prepaid any rental equipment this will be given to you on arrival. There is then your first dinner and you can settle in for the evening.

Depending on arrival times you may or may not dive on the arrival day.

A normal Southern Visayas itinerary will dive at the following areas during the course of the trip but it will depend on where the best sightings have been and local conditions.

Sumilon Island stands out for the outstanding crystal clear waters and the white beaches on the surface. The coral gardens are the star of the show here but as you cruise the drop off look for larger pelagics such as sharks and turtles. Otherwise looks yourself in the lavish, rich corals.

The drop offs that surround Cabilao are incredible and you can hover while you watch for white and black tip reef sharks. As you come back to the reef look out for the thorny sea horses and frog fish that live here.

Balicasag Island
Jacks, barracuda and snappers swoosh about in the waters beneath this island. Large groupers hide under the overhangs. The sandy shallows are awesome macro diving but the drop off steal the show as they descend into the abyss.

Panglao Island
Bohol is brilliant for encountering some of the larger marine life in the Philippines. Turtles and rays live side by side with reef sharks and schooling trevally. But if you still have not got your macro fix on then you will love myriad of nudibranchs, sea horses and other seldom seen critters that live on the reefs.

Pamilican Island
Pamilican Island is a tiny speck on the surface but underneath the diving is alive with big fish! Reefs sharks compete with tuna, trevally and wahoo in the currents. Manta and eagle rays can be seen passing by and friendly turtles and napoleons are frequent visitors. Look out too for sea snakes winding about the superb hard corals.

Called the Island of Fire by locals it is the super pristine coral walls which lure divers here. Hard and soft corals abound and the waters throng with reef fish and juvenile barracuda.

Land excursions
During your week there will be a chance to get off the boat and visit the Chocolate hills. These two giant mole hill shaped hills turn the colour of chocolate are the end of the dry season. You will also stop to look at the smallest primate on the planet - the tarsiers - as well as stop at a local butterfly farm.

You will normally leave the boat after breakfast on your last day and be transferred to the airport to begin your journey home. Please do speak to the travel consultant at the time of booking to confirm the exact last day arrangements.

Alternatively, why not add an extension at one of the many beautiful resorts in the Philippines.