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Sardinia Discovery

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Sardinia Discovery
Mediterranean - Sardinia
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  • Idyllic Island
  • Magical caves
  • Stunning visibility
  • Group discounts
  • Good for snorkellers
If you want to voyage further and discover yet more of Sardinia's secrets, then there can be no better way than to join Hande, Capo Galera Dive Resort's dedicated liveaboard. From beneath the sails, you can cruise the calm seas and with your experienced dive guide, see for yourself the marvels of this idyllic island. There is something for everyone on the Sardinia discovery but the magical caves and overhangs are quite special and make this voyage an adventure for all.

Your voyage starts from the dive centre and Capo Galera. The check dive is completed and then away you go. There are 2 itineraries run on Hande sailing either north or south from the dive centre. Set the compass north and you will reach the massive Punta Giglio at the mouth of Porto Conte. Here the highlights are the submerged caves at Falco, Ghosts and del Pozzo. There are also dives at Cala Barca and the 16th century sunkon galleon. If you are heading south, you first reach Bosa before moving down to Capo Maragiu and Buggerru. Stop at Carloforte where the old Ligurian dialects of the past are still spoken. Whichever itinerary you chose, you are sure to escape from the tourist trail and discover an authentic experience that few get to see as well as inspirational diving.

Thanks to their years of experience, the Capo Galera team know every nook and cranny of the coastline. They have a wealth of dive sites to visit but the unmissable stops include Ghost's Cave and Falco where the light streams in to create an unparalleled atmosphere. Stalactites cling to the caves, twisting into marvelous formations whilst rock arches create a natural playground for divers. To the south the diving is no less alluring. Pullitone is a submerged rock monolith whilst Mal di Ventre is home to turtles. Pan de Zucchero rises up from the sea bed and is a haven for all manner of marine life.

Divers or snorkelers will love the brilliant blue waters. The visibility is excellent - from the boat itself you can see the sea bed dropping away. The conditions are usually calm making this a fabulous destination for divers of all levels including beginners. No matter if you have never dived cave systems before, the Sardinia Discovery is an ideal entry point for these breath taking dives.

As you discover Sardinia you will be welcomed by the friendly locals. From the bows of the beautiful Hande, take in the ancient settlements and local traditions between dives. Both the northern and southern itineraries deliver first class diving in this stunning Mediterranean island and there is no one more knowledgeable to be your guides than Capo Galera.

Quick Facts

  • Average Water Temp: 10 - 24 C
  • Average Air Temp: 10 - 32 C
  • Average Visability: 10 - 30m
  • Good for: Caves, Walls
  • Suitable for beginners: Yes


  • Sardinia is only a couple of hours away but it is like stepping into another world, deep blue seas await you and fascinating underwater topography including swim throughs and caves.


  • "The time spent on the boat was superb - great boat, brilliant guides and an outstanding crew who went out of their way to look after our every need. "Ms Thomas

This is a typical example of the Sardinia Discovery itinerary. The schedule is subject to change according to prevailing weather conditions and is only given as a example of what you would usually encounter during your holiday.

Day 1
Once you have landed in Sardinia you will be taken to the Hande and embark for your liveaboard. Depending on arrival times you may head for your check dive.

Day 2
Sailing north or south the adventure begins. 2 dives are planned with the opportunity to do a night dive.

Day 3
Arriving at the morning dive site, splash in and enjoy your exploration. An afternoon dive follows and if you want you can also night dive.

Day 4
After the morning's dive there can be a chance to head ashore or lie back and soak up some rays onboard. The afternoon dive follows and you may chose to night dive.

Day 5
Reach the furthest point on your itinerary and enjoy a full day's dive programme with 2 day dives and a possible night dive.

Day 6
As the Hande starts to sail back towards the dive centre, there is a chance to visit sites that you passed on your way out. 2 day dives and a possible night dive are planned.

Day 7
This is your last full day's diving and 2 dives are planned at sites in the vacinity of Capo Galera. The exact number of dives will depend on your return flight times - please remember to observe safe no fly times.

Day 8
Hande pulls back into the harbour at the dive centre where you can enjoy the facilities until your return transfer home.

If you would like to add an extension, combine this with another product or tweak the itinerary give us a call so we can discuss your dream diving holiday.




Hande is Capo Galera Dive Resort's liveaboard and after a week on board, she will feel like your home away from home. With the hallmark care and careful attention to detail, Hande has been created for divers. And with the ever so ...

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