Tech Wreck - Indian Ocean

  • Water temp 28C
  • Air Temp 28-30C
  • Visibility 10-25m
  • Good for... Wrecks! 24-58m
  • Suitable for beginners No
  • Highlights Discover the hottest tek wreck destination on board the impressive Sri Lankan Aggressor. It's time to dive the HMS Hermes and other virgin wrecks. This is a seasonal itinerary May - June.

About Tech Wreck

Sri Lanka is quickly gaining a reputation as one of the hottest tech wreck destinations out there. Now peace has come to the country the secret is out. There are the numerous wrecks, many still to be formally identified. Yet the most evocative and important is the aircraft carrier Hermes. Sunk by the Japanese Airforce in 1942, she now sits upside down in 53 meters, decks and superstructure in the 30-40 meter range. This is true tek diver's dream and you can be one of the vanguard to dive her on board the tek friendly liveaboard Sri Lankan Aggressor.

Sri Lankan Aggressor departs from Trincomalee, the largest natural harbour in Sri Lanka. After a check dive in the area the boat moves South towards the location of the Hermes, making warm up dives en-route. Then the wreck diving begins in earnest. The HMS Hermes (58m) is an indisputable highlight, but there is so much more to the Tech Wreck itinerary, including the HMS British Sargeant (24m), HMS Hollyhock (45m)and RFA Athelstane (45m). With over 200 wrecks in Sri Lanka, 50 are identified as excellent or world class dives. The HMS Hermes was the first ever British aircraft carrier built. The 600 meter wreck is residing at a depth of 54 meters along with 3 other support ships in 20 to 40 meter depths. In practice, there is no fixed itinerary, allowing divers to dictate extended bottom dives. Depending on your dive plan, an average of 2 dives a day are the norm but this will vary depending on your dive plan (open or closed circuit supported).

This itinerary is more suited to the more experienced diver, wreck enthusiasts and of course photographers. The Sri Lanka Aggressor is fitted with 3 x 600 HP compressors, a nitrox compressor, full Tri-Mix system and rebreather support. Sonoflime, tanks and gasses are all available on board but please prebook. Tech courses are also available on board. Feel the rush of exploring completely virgin dive sites in an ever shrinking world - dive Sri Lanka today

Sri Lankan Aggressor

Going further than any other local dive operator, the new Sri Lanka Aggressor opens up this exciting diving destination like never before. There are no less than 3 unique marine and diving adventures to chose from- go snorkelling... MORE

The Tech Wreck weeks in Sri Lanka only run a few times a year when the weather and vis are at their best so make sure you book early for your spot on this exciting new itinerary!

Srl Lankan Aggressor will embark for the Tech Wreck weeks in Trincomalee

Trip Duration
All of the Tech Wreck weeks trips run for 7 nights with 7 nights spent on board your liveaboard.

The exact number of dives will depend on run times, dive plans, gas mixes etc.

If your trip departs from Colombo you will be met on arrival from your international flight and transfer to Trincomalee by air. This takes between 45mins - 1hr. You then have a land transfer to Trincomalee harbour (approx 45 mins)

HMS Hermes
HMS Hermes was the first ever purpose built aircraft carrier, built for the Royal Nayy in 1924. She served briefly in the Atlantic Fleet before moving over to service in the Med. In 1937 she was moved back to the UK and was to become a training ship.

It was the Second World War that saw the Hermes come back into active service. In 1941 she was on patrols in the Indian Ocean before she joined the Eastern Fleet in Ceylon. She had just left the relative safety of the harbour at Trincomalee when a Japanese scout plane spotted her. Several dozen dive bombers then attacked and it was not long before the Hermes was sunk. In total 307 men lost their lives in the sinking.

Today her depth's mean that she is best suited to technical divers, sitting in 53m of water. There are many artefacts still on board, making this a rewarding tek dive for anyone interested in wrecks, their history and the protection. Look out for the 4.5 and 5.5 inch AA guns, AA shell cases, bridge with engine telegraphs, towing device, .303 shells, lower deck gun, two propellers... and much more. Around 4 days will be spent diving the Hermes.

Other Wrecks
HMS Hollyhock and RFA Athelstane. With over 200 wrecks, 50 are identified as excellent or world class dives. New wrecks are still being identified and dived.

You will normally leave the boat after breakfast on your last day and be transferred to the airport to begin your journey home. Please do speak to the travel consultant at the time of booking to confirm the exact last day arrangements.

Want more time? Why not speak to us about adding either a non diving extension to explore Sri Lanka's stunning beaches, national parks and cities. Or more to Colombo to discover the diving off the West coast.