Sudan Classic and South - Red Sea

  • Water temp 26-32C
  • Air Temp 22-35C
  • Visibility 20m+
  • Good for... Hammerheads and more!
  • Suitable for beginners No
  • Highlights Dive the famous highlights of Sudan at Sha'ab Rumi, Sanganeb and the Umbria wreck as well as the remote Suakin reefs of Jumna and Ambar for sharks, sharks and more sharks!

About Sudan Classic and South

The Sudan Classic and South route dives Sudan's most famous, most exhilarating sites as well as the remote Suakin islands. If you have never dived Sudan, then make this your itinerary of choice. Divers head to Sudan for the hammerheads but there is so much more. Sheer walls, shark filled plateaus and isolated pinnacles are waiting for you. There is even a wreck dive! This is anything but your average Red Sea holiday. Take the plunge and discover Sudan on your next liveaboard.

The shark dives in Sudan are something of dive legend. The classic sites of Sha'ab Rumi and Sanganeb are usually your first shark stop offs. Sha'ab Rumi is a reef system that has a big name - and never fails to deliver. Sanganaeb's lighthouse watches over another vast reef. On the plateaus, sharks dart in to be cleaned. Barracuda, tuna, snapper and bumphead parrot fish all vie with the big boys for space on the reefs tops, which are draped head to foot in soft and hard coral. Weave between the coral pinnacles or simply hang in the blue to watch the action unfold. The Umbria wreck is an immense wreck dive, in relatively shallow depths and easily accessible. As you sail south towards the southern Suakin islands, you come to Jumna, home to schools of hammerheads, who majestically swirl in the blue. There are caves here too to explore. Sha'ab Ambar is your most southerly point. Here the lagoon shelters the boat while you dive with grey reefs to the south. Big grouper and jacks swirl alongside the sharks.

The Sudan Classic and South itinerary is best suited to experienced divers, as the itinerary takes you to some remote locations. Currents can be fast and the awesome drop offs nerve tingling. A minimum of 50 dives is strongly recommended. Escape the hustle and bustle. Few divers make it this far, which only fuels the excitement of the itinerary. This is serious diving with an emphasis on absolutely the finest dive sites in what remains the Red Sea's best kept secret.

No payments in credit cards can be accepted in Sudan. On board you will need to pay Sudanese visas and taxes. These are subject to change at short notice.

Fees on board Lucy 2018/19 (correct at time of publishing)
Entry visa 155 USD (to be paid on site)
-Sudanese boarding and Tourism tax, Airport transfer and assistance 195euro (1 week, 11 days 240euro, 2 weeks 258euro) to be paid on site
- Visa procedures require a minimum of 20 days
- Forbidden to import alcoholic drinks
- Passport must have no Israeli visas


In 2018 Lucy moves from her winter home into the dramatic waters of Sudan. This is a remote location and there's no better way to explore its rugged coastline than on board the region's newest liveaboard Lucy. Let this welcoming ... MORE

Your adventure begins in Port Sudan. Please remember that you are not permitted to take any alcohol into Sudan.

Trip Duration
Usually trips last 7 nights on board.

A total of 19 dives are planned on an average week, although this may vary depending on local weather conditions - the exact route dived is entirely at the guides' and captain's discretion.

On arrival in Port Sudan you will be met and taken directly to the boat. Settle in, complete your check in and get your dive gear ready. You will not dive this day so you have time to recuperate and get ready for the action to begin.

No payments in credit cards can be accepted in Sudan. On board you will need to pay the Sudanese taxes & visas in Euro cash - these are currently 242 euro for 1 week itineraries but are subject to change.

Classic North: Umbria, Sanganeb & Sha'ab Rumi
This part of the itinerary may be offered at the beginning or end of your itinerary.

Suakin: Jumna & Sha'ab Ambar
Jumna is best known for the schooling hammerheads. The sharks form large groups, following the cooler water rising from the depths of these incredibly deep walls. You never quite know what will also show up at Jumna. Other pelagics, such as manta, are seen here so you can hang in the blue and watch the show. Or head to the wall and investigate the macro life. The choice is yours!

Sha'ab Ambar is a vast reef, approx 5 miles long, with a sheltered lagoon and stunning wall dives on the edges. This is shark city with other species of sharks cruising along the sandy bottom. and a real highlight for many divers.

On your last day, you will dock back at Port Sudan. There is an opportunity to walk around the city, but please remember, this is not a touristic destination so we ask that you dress modestly and are appropriately covered. You will be taken off the boat and directly back to airport for your flight home.