Sudan North | Dive Sudan

Sudan North - Red Sea

  • Water temp 26-32C
  • Air Temp 22-35C
  • Visibility 30m
  • Good for... Walls and drift diving, sharks, wrecks
  • Suitable for beginners No
  • Highlights Dive the very best, classic dive sites in Sudan - Sha'ab Rumi, Sanganeb and the stunning Umbria wreck plus seasonal manta sightings at Meshrafi reef

About Sudan North

Sha'ab Rumi, the Con Shelf, Sanganeb and Wingate's Umbria are some of Sudan's finest dive sites. And the Sudan North itinerary focuses on these undeniable highlights. The walls are deep and plateaus an ideal stage for shark watching. Add to this the beautiful wreck dives at the unique Umbria and Con Shelf II and you are guaranteed an incredible Sudan liveaboard, packed with excitement and variety. These are classic dives and a must see for any diver in Sudan.

Sudan is a place filled with remarkable encounters. The Umbria wreck is the ideal start to your diving in the area, and is a picturesque wreck at recreational depths. For more experienced wreck divers, there are also some excellent opportunities for penetration. Cousteau's Con Shelf II lies in shallow water and makes for a fascinating dive. See for yourself this experiment into early saturation diving as she lies forgotten underwater. The coral reefs at Merlo and Abington are lush with hard and soft coral gardens, interspersed with large sponges and cascading whip corals. Plateaus, deep pinnacles and coral gardens are shelter and home to schools of reef fish. From tiny clown fish to swathes of snapper, there is plenty to watch. Giant barracuda and even bumphead parrot fish school... if you can take you eyes off the pelagics passing. Sudan is home to hammerhead, grey reef and thresher sharks. The hammerhead sightings are best in our from December and early spring, when the water cools. In September and October, the warmer water attracts manta at Meshrafi reef. Snorkel with these beautiful rays with no one else around!

Sudan is a remote location and the north tour takes full advantage of this with almost complete isolation over the course of the itinerary. The diving can be challenging and experience with currents and drift diving is a must. We recommend a minimum of 50 dives for this itinerary. If you are looking for the next big adrenalin rush, then the time has come to dive Sudan North!

No payments in credit cards can be accepted in Sudan. On board you will need to pay Sudanese visas and taxes. These are subject to change at short notice.

Fees on board Lucy 2018/19 (correct at time of publishing)
Entry visa 155 USD (to be paid on site)
-Sudanese boarding and Tourism tax, Airport transfer and assistance 195euro (1 week, 11 days 240euro, 2 weeks 258euro) to be paid on site
- Visa procedures require a minimum of 20 days
- Forbidden to import alcoholic drinks
- Passport must have no Israeli visas


In 2018 Lucy moves from her winter home into the dramatic waters of Sudan. This is a remote location and there's no better way to explore its rugged coastline than on board the region's newest liveaboard Lucy. Let this welcoming ... MORE

Your adventure begins in Port Sudan. Please remember that you are not permitted to take any alcohol into Sudan.

Trip Duration
Usually trips last 7 nights on board.
Lucy offers an average of 16 dives on this itinerary.

On arrival in Port Sudan you will be met and taken directly to the boat. Settle in, complete your check in and get your dive gear ready. You will not dive this day so you have time to recuperate and get ready for the action to begin.

No payments in credit cards can be accepted in Sudan. On board you will need to pay all local fees in cash. These are subject to change at short notice

The Umbria
The Umbria was an Italian cargo vessel that was scuppered by her crew in 1940. Today, she lies in recreational depths in the shelter of her anchorage. It is a stunning wreck and well worth diving. The holds are packed with a range of cargo, including Fiat cars, bombs, detonators, explosives and a huge pile of empty wine bottles! Experienced divers can enjoy penetrating the wreck, although the inside can be silty. The exterior shell of the wreck is smothered in marine life.

Sanganeb & Sha'ab Rumi
Sanganeb is a huge reef, with it's very own lighthouse. The main focus for the diving here is to the southwest plateau. Hang in the blue and wait for the sharks to appear. Or wend your way along the wall or between the coral pinnacles. Clouds of swettlips and jacks give way to barracuda, as they spiral across the plateau. Sha'ab Rumi is no less a famous dive in Sudan. It's plateau is a stage for shark encounters and bumphead parrot fish drift overthe reef top shallows.

On select itineraries, you may also dive at Angarosh reef. Please check at the time of booking for your intended date of travel.

Cousteau's Con Shelf II
Jacques Cousteau left his mark and the Conshelf II still sits underwater as a testament to his team's experiments into saturation diving. This is a shallow and fascinating dive, perfect for the afternoon dive.

Royal Evolution cruises
On board Royal Evolution you are also scheduled dive in the early morning in the north Suakin group, including Sha'ab Jibna, Logan and Sha-ab Anbar.

On your last day, you will dock back at Port Sudan. There is an opportunity to walk around the city, but please remember, this is not a touristic destination so we ask that you dress modestly and are appropriately covered. You will be taken off the boat and directly back to airport for your flight home.