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Sudan South
Red Sea - Sudan
From £1975 inc. flights*
  • Seasonal itinerary to Suakin Islands
  • Dive the Umbria
  • Perfect pelagic encounters
  • Pristine reef dives
  • Experienced crew and guides
Sudan South is a fascinating itinerary in Sudan, where variety is the spice of life. The prevailing weather conditions mean you can only dive here for a short, magical window when the underwater pinnacles and reefs are accessible. For these brief weeks, divers can play with the hammerheads, silkes and turtles that live around the Suakin archipelago.

The Sudan South itinerary mixes up heart thumping shark encounters with scenic, pristine reef dives. There is even a wreck dive at the hauntingly beautiful Umbria wreck. White tip reef sharks abound, and are a familiar sight on just about every dive site. Jumna and Logan are the place to head for your hammerhead fix. Here the schools well up from the deep walls and come in to check out divers. Silky sharks are the order of the day at Protector reef. Pender, Innacolo, Preserver... these are the dives you will remember for a lifetime. Jump in at Seilada and you will find turtles all around! No matter where you dive you will be amazed by the quality and density of the corals along the reefs. And as the trip comes to an end, the wreck dive at the Umbria will astound. No two days are quite the same in Sudan South!

Due to the remote nature of the diving in Sudan South, we suggest a minimum of 50 dives. Some dives will be on deep walls and can experience strong currents. The boat will cover a lot of nautical miles on this itinerary and most sites are between 1 and 3 hours apart. This is the perfect itinerary for any diver that loves pelagics but also wants to experience pristine reef diving at it's most beautiful. Get off the beaten track for dive perfection in Sudan South.

Quick Facts

  • Average Water Temp: 26-32C
  • Average Air Temp: 22-35C
  • Average Visability: 25m+
  • Good for: wall diving, sharks, turtles
  • Suitable for beginners: No


  • Every April and May the conditions mean you can dive the Suakin island, a series of underwater pinnalces and reefs. Here the hammerheads play and turtles cruise along the reefs


This is a typical example of the Sudan South itinerary. The schedule is subject to change according to prevailing weather conditions and is only given as a example of what you would usually encounter during your holiday.

Your adventure begins in Port Sudan. Please remember that you are not permitted to take any alcohol into Sudan.

Trip Duration
Usually trips last 7 nights on board.

On arrival in Port Sudan you will be met and taken directly to the boat. Settle in, complete your check in and get your dive gear ready. You will not dive this day so you have time to recuperate and get ready for the action to begin.

You will sail down to the most southerly dive sites at the beginning of the trip and then dive your way back up as the boat sails North. This will mean an initial voyage to reach Daharat Abid.

No payments in credit cards can be accepted in Sudan. On board you will need to pay the Sudanese taxes & visas in Euro cash - these are currently 242 euro for 1 week itineraries but are subject to change.

Suakin Islands
Jumna and Logan are best known for the schooling hammerheads. The sharks form large groups, following the cooler water rising from the depths of these incredibly deep walls. You never quite know what will also show up at Jumna. Other pelagics, such as manta, are seen here so you can hang in the blue and watch the show. Or head to the wall and investigate the macro life. The choice is yours!

Silky sharks are the highlight in Protector reef, whilst Seilada is home to turtles.

Sha'ab Ambar is a vast reef, approx 5 miles long, with a sheltered lagoon and stunning wall dives on the edges. This is shark city with other species of sharks cruising along the sandy bottom. and a real highlight for many divers.

The Umbria
The Umbria was an Italian cargo vessel that was scuppered by her crew in 1940. Today, she lies in recreational depths in the shelter of her anchorage. It is a stunning wreck and well worth diving. The holds are packed with a range of cargo, including Fiat cars, bombs, detonators, explosives and a huge pile of empty wine bottles! Experienced divers can enjoy penetrating the wreck, although the inside can be silty. The exterior shell of the wreck is smothered in marine life.

You may dive the Umbria at the beginning or end of your itinerary.

On your last day, you will dock back at Port Sudan. There is an opportunity to walk around the city, but please remember, this is not a touristic destination so we ask that you dress modestly and are appropriately covered. You will be taken off the boat and directly back to airport for your flight home.

If you would like to add an extension, combine this with another product or tweak the itinerary give us a call so we can discuss your dream diving holiday.


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