Truk Lagoon Expedition | Dive Chuuk Lagoon

Truk Lagoon Expedition - Pacific

  • Water temp 27 - 29 C
  • Air Temp 27 - 30 C
  • Visibility 5 - 30m
  • Good for... Wrecks, wrecks, wrecks
  • Suitable for beginners No
  • Highlights This is a wreck divers mecca and one look beneath the surface and it is easy to see why, wreck diving just doesn't get any better than this.

About Truk Lagoon Expedition

Truk Lagoon is a magical place but hard to pinpoint on a map. Hidden away in the Pacific Truk was catapulted into dive legend by Jacques Cousteau, who was the first to show the world the incredible wreck diving that could be found here. Today Truk continues to attract divers from all over the globe looking to experience that elusive combination of mind blowing wreck diving, warm water and astonishing marine life. So if this sounds like your ideal dive holiday, look no further than the Truk Lagoon Discovery.

The itinerary starts with a check dive and departs from Weno island, only a short transfer from the airport. No two weeks are ever the same but as you sail between Weno, Dublon, Fefan and Uman Islands you will stop at dive sites that have exotic and glamourous names. Dive at the Fumitsuki Maru and Yamagiri Maru. Sailing south from Weno you can then visit the Heian and Hoyo Maru. The Rio de Janiero Maru is one of the most southerly wrecks on this routing but well worth the journey down towards Uman island. The Nippo Maru on the return journey is a real highlight and one of the most famous wrecks in Truk. Splash into the clear blue water and you will see for yourself why. There are over 60 wrecks that were lost and over 250 airplanes and yet only a portion of these have still been found. Beautifully preserved, there are too many treasures to count in a single week and you will be astonished by each successive dive - they just keep on getting better.

According to Japanese tradition, merchant vessels are named Maru yet whilst the names may seem similar, each individual vessel could not be more distinctive. The Yamagiri Maru carries huge artillery shells while the tanks welded to the decks of the San Francisco Maru are unmissable. The Nippo Maru has a mighty reputation in Truk and many a photograph has been taken of her lovely wheelhouse. The bow and stern guns on the Fumitzuki destroyer are a reminder of the war which ultimately sank the entire fleet in this one location. There are airplanes too. Dive on the Betty Bomber in between dives through the holds, filled with tanks, tractors and bulldozer, of the Hoki Maru or Sankisan Maru.

The Truk Lagoon Discovery will suit any diver! Whilst the location is remote the calm waters are virtually current free and the wrecks range through all depths. From the shallowest to deep technical dives, this itinerary can be adapted to meet everyone's needs. And with total dive freedom, you can jump when you want and experience solitude underwater. No need to push through hoardes of other divers. Simply splash into a watery wonderland. Photographers should take a wide angle lens but also be prepared for excellent marine life which includes soft draping coral and sea fans or sharks and rays!

Truk simply cannot disappoint. The sheer size and scope of the diving here is unlike anywhere else in the world and this itinerary offers a truly unique experience. Coupled with the extravagant and luxurious liveaboards from which you dive, this is a dive holiday you will never want to end. So take wreck diving to a whole new level and prepare to be amazed!



There is no doubt about it - Truk is best seen from a liveaboard. To have the freedom to roam from wreck to wreck is a privilege in this startling and beautifully remote region. An... MORE

Day 1
After arrival at Truk airport you will be picked up by the Odyssey crew and transfered to the boat where your first night on board is spent.

Day 2
This is the first day's diving and starts with the wrecks around Weno and the Fumitsuki Destroyer. Check out the stern guns and torpedo launcher. 2 dives are planned for this wreck. After lunch the boat moves to the Yamagiri Maru which has 18" artillery shells on board. Two dives are planned for here. An optional night dive is planned in the evening.

Day 3
Moving to area between Dublon and Fefan island you can dive at the Heian Maru. This is a massive vessel and has torpedos and submarine telescopes to check out. Two dives are planned here. The boat moves in the afternoon to Kansho Maru for 2 dives. An optional night dive is planned in the evening.

Day 4
Dive in the morning on the Hoyo Maru before moving on. The Fujikawa Maru has excellent coral growth and is worth 2 dives. This can then be followed by dives on the Emily Flying boat. An optional night dive is planned in the evening.

Day 5
Heading towards Uman island you can dive on the Goesi Maru and the Rio de Janiero Maru. This is a massive vessel and the prop makes for a great photo opportunity. Her engine room is well worth exploring. Up to 5 dives are planned for the day including a night dive.

Day 6
Heading back towards Dublon you will stop at the Hoki Maru for a couple of dives. The hold has trucks, bulldozers and tractors and the large damage area is impressive. In the afternoon you can make 2 dives on the San Francisco Maru. There are tanks on the deck here and mines, bombs and ammunition in the holds. An optional night dive is planned.

Day 7
This is the final day's diving and you can dive the famous Nippo Maru. The wheelhouse is ideal for photographers and there are artillery guns on the deck. Finishing off the diving for the trip are 2 afternoon dives on the Sergeant Major William Pugh before an optional night dive and returning to Weno.

Day 8
This is the last day on the boat and transfers are usually made to a hotel for the day after about 8:00. Depending on your onward itinerary, you may have day use at a hotel until your flight. For those returning to the UK, the home bound flight usually departs in the early hours of the Monday morning.