Whale Discovery | Turks and Caicos

Whale Discovery - Caribbean

  • Water temp 25 C
  • Air Temp 25 - 29 C
  • Visibility 25m
  • Good for... Snorkeling with adult and juvenile humpback whales
  • Suitable for beginners All levels of certified diver
  • Highlights Watching and snorkeling with humpbacks and their young in the wild is quite simply an inspirational experience to treasure

About Whale Discovery

Snorkelling with humpback whales is a mind blowing experience - and there are only a handful of locations worldwide where you can do this. Silver Banks is one of the most famous (and warmest) locations in which humpbacks congregate each spring (Jan - May). And now with our liveaboard holiday, you too can experience the breath taking feeling of watching several tons of whale move gracefully through the water only a few metres from your eyes. As unique moments to treasure go, you will be hard pressed to find an aquatic experience that tops a liveaboard holiday dedicated to snorkelling with humpbacks in Silver Banks.

The aim of the Whale Discovery is to spend as much time as possible in Silver Banks and you can expect around 4 1/2 days taking in the majestic sights here. Silver Banks is almost equidistant from Turks & Caicos and the Dominican Republic and a magnet for humpback whales between mid January to March. The males venture here to compete for female attention and mating opportunities. The females use the shallows as a winter birthing ground and spend a few weeks here to prepare their calves for the long open water journey they will make next to their feeding ground in the north Atlantic. There are 2 main types of encounter. Stay on the boat for magnificent views of the males tail lobbing, spy hopping and slapping the water. Watch in wonder as they lift their enormous bodies clean out of the water! Or jump on one of the twice daily rib rides. These will take you closer to the action and snorkelling, you can literately come eye to eye with a humpback.

The beauty of the Whale Discovery is that you don't need to be a diver to enjoy this trip! The area of Silver Banks is a protected area and entry is strictly controlled. No scuba is permitted and the best encounters are always when you have quietly approached snorkelling. Given the time you will spend in the water you will be thankful of the gorgeous warm water temperatures. Photographers and videographers are in for a treat too as the photo opportunities come thick and fast. The blue water will enable you to get better shots than you could dream of. The Whale Discovery is unlike any other liveaboard holiday and an inspirational experience you will treasure forever.

Turks and Caicos Aggressor

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Seasons for Whale Discovery
This is a highly seasonal itinerary and only runs each year from Jan - May

Embarkation Points
Turks and Caicos Aggressor departs from the Ocean World Marina in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic
Sea Hunter departs from the Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic

Trip Duration
Turks and Caicos Aggressor offers 7 nights on board - this is a snorkelling only experience.
Sea Hunter offers 7 nights on board - this is a snorkelling only experience.

Depending on your flight arrangements you may require an overnight en route. On arrival at Puerto Plata airport, you will then be met and transferred to your liveaboard in the afternoon where you can settle into your cabin. Dinner is served and the Captain will give a welcome briefing. You will depart for Silver Banks at approx 21:00 and sail through the night.

Silver Banks
Arriving at Silver Banks in the morning, there will be a late breakfast and chance to watch the males compete for female attention. There are a lot of fin displays, fluking and slapping of the water which can be best observed from the boat. They may also spy hop to take a look at their surface side surroundings. The first rib will be prepared after lunch at about 14:00 and you spend the whole afternoon in the water snorkelling with these wonderful mammals.

The daily routine on board is the same for the duration of your trip and it won't take long to settle into. The first inflatable run departs after breakfast and only returns for lunch. The second rib ride out departs after lunch and comes back to fresh snacks and sundowners. The setting sun is usually a stunning back drop for the males, which continue their displays into the darkness. We recommend taking a wind breaker to wear while you are in the rib.

Look out for a mother and calf as the calves in particular tend to be more curious and will come closer. Avoiding any big movements will increase your proximity. Some of the whales will not move around much. Some will chose to rest gently near the surface. The mother humpbacks do not feed here so conserving energy is vital for their return journey back to their feeding grounds.

Sailing over night from Silver Banks you will arrive at the harbour in Puerto Plata. Depending on your arrival time there may be a chance to go ashore and dinner is ashore at a local restaurant (not included).
Wake up to breakfast before departing the boat around 8:00. You will then be transferred to the airport for your return journey home.