Martin Edge Wide Angle Masterclass - Far East

  • Water temp 27-28C
  • Air Temp 30-31C
  • Visibility 15-30m
  • Good for... Wideangle, pelagics, reef life
  • Suitable for beginners No
  • Highlights The diving in Nabucco, Kalimantan is reminiscent of Sipidan, a place Martin considers his underwater happy place. Nabucco has been chosen as a host for the workshop, not just because of the superb wide angle diving, but thanks to the team. Martin has known dive centre managers Kathrin and Tarkan for many years - this dynamic duo understand the needs of underwater photographers!"

About Martin Edge Wide Angle Masterclass

Goals of the trip
Wide angle lighting presents its own challenges and there's no doubt it's an art form of its very own. Many experienced underwater photographers struggle to balance lighting and achieve the results they want with their strobes.

Consistent wide angle lighting is an art form, and few underwater photographers have as many years' expertise as Martin Edge. Martin Edge has taught thousands of photographers how to light their images, through both his ever popular workshops, UK courses and printed book.

Who is this trip for?
This is an exclusive workshop with no more than 10 participants. Martin prides himself on the time and attention in water and out that his is able to give each individual throughout.

The workshop will be especially beneficial to anyone using a mirrorless or SLR set up with one or two strobes. A wide angle/fish eye lens system will be especially beneficial.

In the evenings there will be opportunities for group review sessions and Martin will be covering key aspects of underwater photography with presentations. Be inspired as you see the shots that the master himself has taken on the trip (and see if you can replicate them!). In a relaxed, friendly and informal atmosphere, Martin will also offer 1:1 sessions throughout the trip covering technical skills, composition and getting to grips with editing software such as Lightroom to help you refine your portfolio even further.

Diving highlights
We have worked carefully with Nabucco resort to time this trip around the moon phases and local currents/tides so we can offer the best possible conditions for photography. Surface conditions are typically flat and calm and where possible, exposure to currents will be minimised.

The workshop will include 20 boat dives as standard, but you can add additional dives locally on top for a small local surcharge. There are some 25+ dive sites in the locale. Most sites around the Maratua-Atoll boast a large variety of colourful corals and can be reached in 5 to 20 minutes by fast speed boats. Dolphins love to ride the bow waves!

Big Fish Country is one of the best sites the region has to offer. The plan is to dive it several times so you will have repeated chances to hone your big fish photography skills! Grey reefs and white tips zip about, but it is the schooling barracuda that really excite here. On the neighbouring sites eagle rays, leopard sharks, tunas, jacks, bumphead parrot fish, turtles are all commonly seen.

Sangalaki and Kakaban are very special dives. Kakaban wall is relatively well sheltered from current, This long deep wall is packed with a variety of healthy hard and soft corals, plentiful reef fish, macro, white tip reef sharks and barracuda. As a special trip you can also add the jelly fish lake (included in your package). This must do stop is where you can snorkel with 4 species of stingless jellyfish.

Sangalaki has a shallow sandy bottom site and is famous for schools of manta ray. Manta ray, blue spot stingray, leopard shark, cuttle fish, dolphin, hawksbill turtles, Indian walkman and macro too!

Whilst this is a wide angle trip, there is some super macro in the region - look for pygmy seahorses, nudibranchs, frogfish or ghost pipefish.

Nabucco Island - Kalimantan

Nabucco Island lies in a remote island chain off the Eastern coast of Kalimantan, Indonesia. This is completely off the beaten track, where a tropical idyll awaits. If you want to fall off the face of planet and indulge in prist... MORE

Getting there
International flights for this holiday will be with Emirates Airlines via Dubai. They offer a generous 30kgs hold allowance and regional departures (Manchester) are available.

On landing in Jakarta you will catch the shuttle bus to the nearby FM7 hotel. The flight to Balikpapan and then onto Berau departs early the following morning. On arrival in Berau, you will have a short land transfer and then onto the boat for the last leg to the resort.

A typical day
The workshop will include 20 boat dives as standard, but you can add additional dives locally on top for a small local surcharge. Most dive sites around the Maratua-Atoll boast a large variety of colourful corals and can be reached in 5 to 20 minutes by fast speed boats.

Some locations are accessed as 1 tank dives, others are 2 tank dives. Sangalaki and Kakaban are a full day 3 tank dives.

Martin will liaise with the dive guides to pick suitable sites where currents are minimal and the marine life is nice and shallow, as well as taking into account the light angles. Drinks and snacks are on board the dive boat for the surface interval. You will return to the dive centre for lunch before heading back out for the 3rd dive of the day. There is a chance for a night dive or two during your trip and these will be scheduled locally - a supplement may apply.

At the end of each day Martin will have a chance to review the day's activity as a group. This review sessions are invaluable as you see what your fellow dives have shot, what Martin has got in camera and pick up hints and tips for the following day.

Where possible popular dive sites will be revisited to give you a chance to hone any shots that did not quite come up to muster.

At the end of your holiday you will fly back to Jakarta and onto the UK. Depending on flight times, you may require a night in the nearby FM7 hotel.

Should you wish to add a stop at another Indonesian destination or stop over in Dubai, just ask!