Anilao Critter Hunt - Far East

  • Water temp 27-28C
  • Air Temp 25-30C
  • Visibility 15-25m
  • Good for... Anilao Critter Hunt | Martyn Guess
  • Suitable for beginners Anilao Critter Hunt | Martyn Guess
  • Highlights Join Scuba Travel photo pro Martyn Guess on an intermediate workshop in the muck diving, critter mecca of the Philippines. Discover creative macro in the heart of Anialo

About Anilao Critter Hunt

Photo workshop in Anilao

Anilao has fast become one of the "must do" Macro destinations for underwater photographers. In Martyn's view it is on a par with places like Lembeh and Ambon for macro critters. Anilao hosts annually one of the biggest Global underwater shoot out competitions for macro photography for one reason - the wide range of resident critters!

And easy diving! - every thing from pygmy seahorses to weedy and paddle flap Rhinopias, Harlequin shrimps, Hairy shrimp, Coleman shrimp on vibrant multi coloured fire urchins as well as the famous Anilao Nudibranch and many other species of Nudis, Bearded Gobies, lemon gobies the list just goes on. They are all there waiting to be photographed.

There will be 3 boat dives a day with free nitrox provided. There will be a further 2 night dives during the trip. Guide raios will be 1 guide: 2 photographers, which is ideal for the optimum macro spotting.

Goals of the trip

This workshop is a macro workshop and will focus on the basics of macro photography as well as super macro and creative lighting techniques. Hands on instruction will be provided through evening group image reviews and presentations as well as underwater instruction for those needing it. Sue is also happy to model for anyone that wants to break out their wide angle or close focus macro.

Relaxed group image processing on laptops is encouraged for those interested as this provides an excellent opportunity to learn new processing techniques. You can learn a lot of Lightroom and Photoshop processing tweaks from photographic trips, sitting with other photographers in the evenings, admiring their work and watching their processing over a drink or two.

A photo resort you can trust

We will staying at the Aiyanar resort which is a modern and well run divers hotel right on the water front. They have some of the best dive guides in the area and a very slick diving operation. Typically run as 2 tank dives in the morning and afternoon coming back to the resort for lunch. There is also an excellent camera room available next to the dive centre - no wonder that groups such as Wetpixel and Reef Photo regularly bring large groups here.

Martyn visited Aiyanar twice last year and says that he has had some of his most productive photography here. The other advantage is that there is no overnight stay in Manila on arrival, the resort picks us up from the airport and we are there in around 2 hours depending on traffic and it is possible to leave the resort and catch an International flight on the same day

Who is this workshop suitable for

The workshop is designed for photographers with some experience using their cameras - be they DSLR's or Mirrorless or compact systems. The emphasis will be on having fun and enjoying the trip. Martyn will be on hand to teach new skills from lighting to supermacro and will be able to give in water guidance too.

"My aim is to make sure that everyone attending can leave with a good and varied portfolio of images and have learnt some new photography skills"

Aiyanar Beach & Dive Resort

A short drive from Manila and you can be in paradise. Aiyanar beach and dive resort is an undeniably stylish resort in the heart of Anilao, an upcoming macro mecca in the Philippines. Perched on the mountainside, Aiyanar's loc... MORE

Getting there
International flights will arrive into Manila. You will then be picked up and taken to Aiyanar resort by land (approx 2 hours)

A typical day
Dive groups are kept small and we have secured a 1:2 guide:diver ratio

The diving package included with the workshop is as follows:
3 boat dives a day
2 night dives
Free nitrox

The house reef is well worth checking out! Dive sites are close and only a short boat ride.

Macro Must Sees
Anialo is becoming famous for the diversely rich underwater subjects and seascapes. Best loved are critters such as the Rhinopias, and Sea Dragons, thought to have only been in Lembeh, which are spotted regularly in these waters. But these are just the headliners! Harlequin shrimps, Hairy shrimp, Coleman shrimp on vibrant multi coloured fire urchins as well as the famous Anilao Nudibranch and many other species of nudis.

At the end of your holiday you will be transferred back to Manila for your flight home.

Should you wish to add a stop at another Philippines destination or stop over en route home, please simply ask your travel consultant at the time of booking.