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BSAC scuba diver training centres are professionally-run diving schools offering a range of BSAC courses to beginners and those who have already started their training. Scuba Travel are proud to offer BSAC training at a number of dive centres around the world. Take your diving holiday to the next level with a BSAC training course and develop your underwater skills.

Scuba Travel offer a discount to BSAC members on confirmation of membership on all Red Seas holidays. We also offer discounts on all worldwide holidays. (Please ask for more information)

BSAC divers can be assured of high standards at all of the BSAC affiliated dive resorts. You dont need to take a dive course to enjoy these high standards as all centres offer daily fun diving packages for all abilities. With a mixture of shore diving and boat diving on offer there is something for every one and each dive center offers its own unique adventure.

BSAC Dive Courses

BSAC diver training programmes are identical whether you train through a club or a centre. All BSAC Diver Training Centres are inspected and approved by BSAC and you pay for your training as a commercial client. You can also complete a wide range of skill development and technical courses, depending on the type of centre. After completing a course at a BSAC centre, you can then go on to join a BSAC club where you can continue to progress your diving.


Scuba diving is an adventure open to anyone aged 12 or over - and with a worldwide network of clubs and centres providing accessible, affordable diver training, its never been easier to learn to dive. Through a combination of theory lessons, pool sessions and open water experience, youll learn your new diving skills progressively and at your own pace. You will develop your skills in the safe confines of a swimming pool or sheltered water before progressing to your first open water dives and your Ocean Diver qualification.

Already Qualified?

From beginner to experienced, BSAC provides a full training programme that enables divers to progress through a framework of qualifications at their own pace. There are five internationally-recognised BSAC diver grades, from the entry level Ocean Diver through to the highest grade, First Class Diver.

Ocean Diver

You will learn to dive on this entry level course. Max depth 20m.

Sports Diver

Depth can be built progressively to a maximum of 35m after qualifying. Sports Divers can embark on the first stage of the route of instruction.

Dive Leader

Dive Leader training covers responsibilities and safety of leading other divers. Depth can be built progressively to a maximum of 50m after qualifying. Dive Leaders are eligible to progress to Open Water Instructor.

Advanced Diver

Divers gain experience in planning dives at different sites and different circumstances. Additional experience will be gained in using small boats, chartwork. navigation and many other related skills. Advanced Divers are eligible to progress to Advanced Instructor.

First Class Diver

BSACs highest diving grade which requires a higher than average level of theoretical knowledge, organisational and personal diving skills.

Where are the BSAC centres ?

If you would like to discuss your diving holiday plans then please contact one of our diving holiday experts and take the next step to becoming a BSAC diver.