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Phone: 01903 767224
Email: info@oceanviewdiving.co.uk

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Mon: 09:00 - 17:00
Tue: 09:00 - 17:00
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Learn to scuba dive in West Sussex‘s premier 5star IDC Dive Centre!
Here at Ocean View we train divers using the PADI system, with modern instructional methods and materials, students learn quickly and effectively at their own pace. Your PADI qualification will be recognised worldwide.

With our highly qualified, friendly Instructors you are taught all the essential skills to get the most enjoyment out of your diving adventures and from our scuba diving courses.
We keep classes small to ensure optimum learning, individual attention and most importantly, maximum safety. Your first impressions and memories of the underwater world will be lasting ones…we want them to be fantastic! To get you started you are welcome to come and do a Discover Scuba Diving session in our warm private pool in Lancing, before embarking on the adventure which is the Open Water Diver Course.

Beyond Open Water Diver we can take you to new levels of adventure with the Advanced Open Water Diver course and Specialities such as Deep Diver, Wreck Diver or Underwater Photographer. We can help you learn to have the skills to help others through becoming a Rescue Diver. Ultimately you can also decide to Go Pro, by becoming a PADI Divemaster and Instructor, learning to teach others the skills and techniques they need to safely enjoy the underwater world. Ocean View also uses the PADI TecRec training system, for those that wish to have adventures beyond the recreational limits.

The Pool
Our onsite pool is a fantastic feature that we have here. It is kept to a toasty 32 degrees all year round. With a shallow end of 1.2 metres and a deep end of 4 metres, it is a perfect Scuba Diving pool.

Diver Services
We offer first-class servicing, maintenance, repair and impartial advice on all scuba diving equipment and peripherals. All servicing is carried out on-site in our service centre in Lancing, where every stage of servicing is carried out by experienced, qualified technicians with craftsmanship and quality guaranteed 100%.

Gas Filling
With our spotless Bauer Compressor we offer the following services: Nitrox clean air to 300bar, Nitrox fills to 100% Oxygen and Trimix fills, we always carry Helium but ask that you give us a quick call with requirements.

Equipment Servicing
We service all major brands of equipment. Onsite servicing is carried out for regulators, BCD’s, drysuit repairs, cylinders and various other small items. If you have a cylinder in for test with us, we will always let you use one of ours at no cost if you require it. If an item needs to be sent off to a manufacturer, we will always inform you before hand.

Equipment Hire
All of our school equipment is available to hire. Whether you need just a regulator or a full UK equipment hire package, we can ensure that you get fitted out for the right kit for the job.

Dive Club
The Ocean View Diving Club is an extremely active club, meeting every Wednesday evening throughout the year from. On a Wednesday evening you have the choice to either come up to the bar and socialise, maybe to chat about your last dive or even plan you next dive. You can go into the pool with either our school equipment or maybe to test out a new piece of your equipment, maybe you are going to go over some skills that you have previously been taught. Obviously, if you want to, you can do both! We arrange regular local dives as well as UK diving trips and diving holidays abroad.
Outside of the diving scene we also arrange social events like meals out, dog racing, ten-pin bowling and quiz nights. So whether you are a seasoned UK diver or a warm water diver, we believe that Ocean View have something for everyone. Even if you are a diver and your partner is not, you can be sure that everyone will always be made welcome to the "Best Dive Club" in the land!

Currently all our holidays are full and we are getting our new schedule ready please check back soon for an update.

One of the best ways to learn to dive is to complete the pool training and classroom sessions in your local dive centre and then finish off the four open water dives in tropical warm waters. Why spend time in the classroom when you could be diving?

This package includes both parts of the course, course materials, plus flights and accommodation in some of the best places in the world to enjoy your first diving experience.

Home and Away with Camel Dive Centre

There are few names as well known in Sharm as Camel Resort and their dive centre stands out for their excellence, attentive manner and friendly welcome. The original dive centre in Naama Bay has literally decades' of diving experience and local knowledge around Sharm's many dive sites. The team is the very definition of professionalism yet they always manage to combine this with a relaxed atmosphere and careful eye on safety.

Finishing your PADI Open Water course couldn't be easier with Camel. With a whole week to enjoy in the sun and sea and no classroom work left to do, you'll come home not only a newly certified diver but with a few fantastic dives to rave to your friends about as well!

Learn to dive diving holidaysLearn to dive diving holidaysLearn to dive diving holidaysLearn to dive diving holidays

Price from £995

includes Classroom and pool sessions in your recommended dive centre. Your 4 certification dives. B&B accomodation, Flights and transfers at Camel Dive Centre read more here

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