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Living with Covid and Overseas Travel

Updated 7th July

Living with covid and overseas travel

The choice to travel is a personal one and as we learn to live with covid, how that looks and feels will depend on you own personal circumstances, but also where you are travelling or through. 

Overwhelmingly, the dive centre staff and boat crews have been vaccinated. You can find this information on our website for your chosen holiday, or ask a member of the team. Whilst the majority of our travelling customers have chosen to be vaccinated, we do not have a vaccination mandate. The rules for entry are determined by the country you are travelling too. 

Many countries have now fully opened their borders and do not require any testing or proof of vaccination. Many have also removed all local covid protocols in 2022. Our operators all meet the requirements of operations for the country they are working in, but please be aware, these may well be different to any rules or protocols in place in your home country. 

Many airlines/airports/hotels/liveaboards/ground transport no longer require mandatory mask wearing or social distancing. You are welcome to bring any PPE, masks, hand sanitiser or personal items with you on your holiday - these may not be provided in your destination. 

We do ask that you are respectful of your fellow passengers and consider not traveling if you are ill. You should make sure you have travel insurance that covers all eventualities (including cancellation due to illness). 

If you chose to notify us after travel of a positive result we will inform the boat/dive centre you were staying at. Their response will be determined by the rules in place in the county they are operating in. We will monitor the situation from your trip, but we do not offer any de facto contact tracing or notification to those you may have come into contact with on your journey. You should personally follow any rules that are in place for your home country, and take precautions as you feel necessary. 

Still got a question? Just drop us a line or call. Let's talk!


Call us today 01483 411590 or email us at dive@scubatravel.com


Call us today 01483 411590 or email us at dive@scubatravel.com

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