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Updated 28th May 2020

The Scuba Travel team are working hard to help our customers in these challenging times.  Although we cannot travel at the moment, we are keeping our phone, online chat and emails open so we can remain in contact with everyone that needs us.
The whole team want to thank all of our customers for your patience and understanding. We know it is an uncertain time and that the covid-19 situation is evolving. We will contact anyone on upcoming affected holidays in order of your scheduled departure date.
We are in constant communication with all of our suppliers (from airlines to individual centres and liveaboards), as well as follow the travel advice issued by the UK government & FCO. Advisories and airline schedules are still being changed regularly, and travel advice is intended for imminent travel only. This means anyone with an upcoming holiday in the next week or two. 
There is no one sized fits all solution to holidays affected by covid-19. We know everyone is impacted differently by the situation and we really believe in a personalised approach. We are working with each and every one of our divers in person so we can find the right solution for them. 
Q:How will I know if my holiday is affected?
A:We will be in touch directly with the lead name on your booking to discuss the options. These can vary depending on your destination. 

Once we know for sure that your holiday is affected, we will ask you if you can reschedule your departure dates. For anyone rebooking their holiday at this point we are honouring the price you originally paid. We encourage you to support the many fabulous and experienced guides, dive resorts and boat operators all around the world. We want these incredible teams to be there for you when the time comes that we are able to go diving again. 
Scuba Travel are both ATOL and ABTOT bonded and all our existing holidays have been secured. Despite some confusing media reports, if you have booked a bonded package holiday, your payments are financially secure. If you reschedule your holiday, you will be issued with a new ATOL or ABTOT invoice and certificate and your holiday remains bonded, no matter what happens.
If we have not yet contacted you, be assured. You have not been forgotten. You are on our radar. As soon as we know know any updates that cover your travel date specifically, we will be in touch. 
Please remember - whilst you may feel your holiday might not proceed, we do need to wait until it is officially affected by travel disruption before we can start to look at the options. The situation globally is changing week to week and no body knows exactly when travel will be able to safely restart and which destinations will open up first.
Q:Do I still need to pay my final balance on my booking?
A:Balances on our holidays are normally due 90-100 days before travel. For travel between now and 30th August, and where possible (and depending on the suppliers involved in your holiday), we have been deferring these balances forward. For travel scheduled to depart from 1st September, your balance is due as per your balance date on your invoice. We will continue to review the situation and take a flexible approach for our holidays until we know you can safely travel to your chosen destination.
Q:Are you a key worker? 
A:We all know key workers may not be able to travel due to their working commitments. Don’t worry. 
Please call us if you are a key worker and we are happy to reschedule your holiday and discuss the options for you now. 
Q:Can I still book a holiday with you?
A:Yes! We also have a hand picked selection of £0 deposit holidays. We will hold a spot for you without any commitment. When travel restrictions are lifted, we will be in touch to confirm your spot. If you cannot make it any more, you can simply drop the space without any penalty. Give yourself something to look forward too. We've got a host of amazing winter sun destinations and our 2021 schedule is packed full of super deals and tantalising destinations. 
Q:Can I cancel my holiday even though you are still planning for it to go ahead?
A:At a time like this, people understandably feel unsure. If you decide you don't want to travel, let us know. Be aware the normal terms and conditions will apply for cancellation by you. 
Q:Will I be covered by my travel insurance if I decide to cancel?
A:Travel insurance policies vary enormously and we strongly advise you to contact your insurer before you make any decisions. 

Q:What happens if I contract covid-19 before travel?
A:If you are diagnosed with covid-19 prior to your travel, please contact us as soon as possible and we will be able to advise you of the process with us. We are happy to reschedule your holiday to an alternative future date, including 2021. In many cases we are able to do this at no extra cost to yourself. You may also wish to speak to your travel insurance provider, if you are looking to make a claim on medical grounds. 

Q: What if I'm unsure about going on my holiday? 
A: The Government advice is based on its objective assessment of risk and will always put the safety of UK citizens first. The Government will advise against travel to a destination when it judges the level of risk to be unacceptably high. If there is no Government advice against travel to your destination, you’re free to make the choice not to go, but there's no obligation on your holiday company to give you a refund. Normal cancellation charges will apply. 

It is highly unlikely that you will be able to claim any cancellation charge on your insurance as there isn’t normally cover for disinclination to travel but you can check the terms of your policy.

The safety of travellers is a priority for travel companies, and our decisions will follow British Government advice – so people can book their package holiday with confidence, safe in the knowledge that they will be looked after should the FCO travel advice change in the destination they are planning to go to.

Q: I have a pre-existing medical condition and do not want to travel – can I get a refund if I cancel my holiday? 
A: As with the above advice, you’re free to make the choice not to travel, but if the FCO are not advising against travel to your destination then there is no obligation on your travel company to give you a refund. Normal cancellation charges will apply.

If your GP has advised that you do not travel, and provided you with official documentation to confirm this, then you will need to check the terms of your travel insurance policy to see if you can claim any cancellation charge back. 

Q: Countries are introducing entry restrictions and enhanced screening procedures – will this affect me?
A: Customers should keep up to date with the latest FCO travel advice updates for the destination they are travelling to, as restrictions can change at short notice. Should any restrictions directly apply to you or members of your party then speak to your travel company to discuss your options.

As a precautionary measure enhanced health screening procedures have been put in place at arrival and departure areas in many countries. Travellers should comply with these processes and take relevant preventative measures to reduce the risk of exposure.

Q: There are a number of public areas and attractions that have been closed in the destination that I am travelling to – can I get a refund if I cancel my holiday? 
A: This would not normally give you the right to a refund. If excursions or attractions that are included in the price of your holiday are closed or can’t go ahead, and this significantly changes your package holiday or impacts your overall experience, then you might be entitled to a refund. If you are aware of such limitations, then speak to your travel company to discuss your options. 
Still got a question? Just drop us a line or call. Let's talk!

If anyone would like to speak to us, all of our team are aware of the situation.
So please contact us on 01483 411590 or email

We will be in contact with anyone whose holiday maybe affected, in most cases we are able to offer a different flight route options to enable us to fullfil your holidays



Call us today 01483 411590 or email us at


Call us today 01483 411590 or email us at

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