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Keep checking our technique pages, as I post the simple skills that
will get you taking great shots in no time at all.
I have condensed these tips and tricks down from years of coaching beginners
to shoot underwater with the minimum of fuss or flannel.

Shooting Behavours Under Water

I will finish with another couple of shots from the sequence I took of the Lizard Fish picture above. It is important when witnessing something behavioural like this to keep your cool to ensure you get the pictures you want. What I do is visualise the shot I want and the approximate distance I am going to be before approaching the subject, and I get my lighting and exposure settings set up before hand. I do this by using my hand or finger(s) depending on the scale and size of the subject matter, and holding it or them in front of the lens to make a quick exposure and lighting test at the same distance I envisage myself being away.

Composition Corner - diagonals

This means I have very little to do other than approach the subject slowly and carefully, and minimises my hand movements, otherwise likely to frighten away the creature. I then shoot and wait for the story to unfold, and take the pics at various points along the way, hopeful that it’s going to turn into a nice little sequence.

Composition Corner - diagonals

There you go, get out there and go diving with your camera!


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