Wishing you get everything you asked Santa for this xmas!
Merry Xmas to you all. I would just like to say a big thank you to all the folk that braved the arctic weather in Godalming last Wednesday to attend my "Intro to Adobe Lightroom 4 at the Loft",
I will have a February date which is to be decided before the next photo newsletter, posted very soon.

December 2012 newsletter is a multimedia extravaganza, well you've got to pitch high haven't you?
I am experimenting with new formats for the newsletter so please feedback to me on how you would like us to go forward with the newsletter in 2013, I would like to include more how-to videos, so if you have any ideas about subjects that I could cover for you in 2014 please let me know on duxy@scubatravel.com
Last months photo trip to the Maldives was a great success, so those of you interested in our Maldives Shark trip in March 2013, click on the image above and you can get a feel for how we do things on one of these trips.
Gifts that will hopefully press the buttons of the underwater photographer in your family.
I'm looking at presents within the range of £25 to over £500 for the diving snapper in your life, or of course for treating yourself.
I have made a video from one of my talks for when folk ask me the question
"What Should I buy?"
Check out the video by clicking on the image above
Happy watching!
Most of us would be well chuffed to get a cover shot on a dive magazine, this month Alex Mustard has managed to get not one but three cover shots, on SCUBA, DIVER and also DIVE the WORLD magazines.Check out his article in the December issue of DIVER Looking at getting the details right so your shots with people in them so that they reach their full potential.

He also has written a comprehensive guide about using and setting up the Olympus OMD-EM5 the mirror less marvel that is stirring up the world of underwater photography. Click here

Martin Edge has also been busy recently in Sudan and Misool check out his galleries by clicking here.
His book I mention in the gift guide is the bible for underwater photographers, and a wealth of knowledge from many years experience is contained within its pages.

Did you know though that you can also gain direct access to Martin with a One on One tailored photo course? He has been running these courses for a while now, and will match the content to your particular needs. Here is a link to his site with the course outline.
Click here
After last months look at using Adobe Lightroom shortcuts, i've decided that rather than write the tips down, I'm going to present them as short how-to videos, so we will revisit using the straighten lines tool the "R" key, which I've now also committed to video.

Along with a couple of other videos as early Xmas presents, the "Shift/Tab" shortcut and how to access the screen de-cluttering "Solo Mode"

So once again check out the blog and keep coming back to it as I will be putting stuff up regularly.

Duxy's Gift List help

From £25 to over £500+ I will check out some useful photo stuff that should bring smiles and satisfaction all round.

Martin Edge Underwater PhotographyMartin Edge The Underwater Photographer at £24.99 would be something most prospective underwater photographers would love
to get in their stockings.
Martins book has been the goto volume for aqua snappers for some years now, and is currently in its fourth edition. Packed with information distilled from years of in water experience, Martin gets the facts across in an easy to understand way, and has helped many photographers to succeed over the years.

Big Blue Focus Light from Ocean Leisure CamerasBig Blue Focus
This is a great idea from Big Blue, a powerful, but small and streamlined LED torch, that contains a small sensor in it that will switch the light off for the actual photograph. Focussing lights are useful even if your strobes have a modelling or focus light as your strobes may well not be pointed directly at the subject.I have one and although it is not designed to be used to actually shoot pictures with I took this picture of a frogfish in Lembeh when my strobes ran out of juice! This one comes with a standard YS fitting that you can adapt to most housings with.It costs a whisker under £100.

Peli casePelicase from Peli Products
The Peli 1510 is a very popular case amongst photographers, it is sized to fit exactly within the usual dimensions considered to be carry onboard size. Yet being made of extremely tough and resilient hard material means that if you need to put it in the hold with your regular luggage it should be rugged enough to cope with even the most extreme baggage handling.
They are lockable water tight and even have a pressure release valve, there is no finer camera or electronic equipment protection out there.
Quite expensive at around £220 but surely your precious photo kit is worth it?

iPix iPhone Housing from UWVisions
We used to joke within underwater photography circles about waterproof cases for mobile phones, and lo and behold they now exist. With associated apps available to allow functionality from your iPhone this one is particularly good value and great for someone who perhaps only wants to occasionally take a few snaps or someone who wants to have an extra level of protection for their phone whilst on a boat or splashing around in the water.
This unit requires you to download a free app, is good to 40m. It has been made as a serious piece of kit though,and sports a tripod adapter and a filter thread for filters and accessories, and at £84.95 is somewhat of a bargain.
Available from the same people that bring you Nauticam the super duper housings that lots of us are using these days.

HugyFor the very serious underwater photographer who has everything then these buoyancy adjustable arms from Hugyfot will be something to put a big smile on their faces. Using a small red button on the side of what looks like normal buoyancy tubes, you can partially flood these arms and fine tune your camera rigs position in the water, a bit like a BCD for your camera gear! They come as a set of four arms that will give you around 2.5kg of positive lift. They aren't the least expensive of Xmas gifts though and will set you back around 750 Euros. Yikes

Ok thats all folks for 2012 and I hope you all have a very Merry Xmas and a great New Year.
See you in 2013.

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