Scuba Travel TALKS

Your invited to the hottest event at the dive show! Scuba Travel Talks

This year, the Scuba Travel TALKS are the hottest seat in town. Not only do we have world famed photographers Alex Mustard and Martin Edge presenting, but we will also be launching the first ever joint Edge and Mustard workshop at 14:40. This will be THE photo holiday to be on in 2019! Our masters of photography wrap up with our first ever Q and A panel. This is your chance to quiz all four Scuba Travel photo pros!

Want to know more?

The dive show brings together divings greatest and best under one roof. For some the show is a chance to snap up a special offer (and Scuba Travel are famed for our huge selection of worldwide show offers). For others it is an opportunity to catch up on all the latest news and developments in diving.

Yet traipsing round from stage to stage, room to room, can be tiresome. So why not put your feet up at Scuba Travel talks!
Scuba Travel will be bringing together some of diving's most interesting, amusing and pioneering folk on one stageā€¦ Scuba Travel TALKS.

We want to keep this a friendly and open environment, with plenty of chances to ask questions. There are only 20 seats so make sure you grab your spot early. After each talk, presenters will have time to chat. So if you have a burning question or want to know more, you can have some 1:1 time with our panel of experts.

There's more! There will be a prize giveaway at each talk. Fill your bags with cool goodies. All you have to do is attend and you could be walking away with some exclusive swag or huge holiday discounts.