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  • Students 1:1 One to One exclusive courses
  • Location Conveniently located in Guildford and Chiswick London
  • REVIEW Mario has a thorough understanding of modern camera systems and their use underwater; he is ideally placed to advise photographers on equipment that may initially seem complex. His own photography is grounded in a comprehensive knowledge of the principles that underpin light in the sea, which he presents in a series of informal talks that will prove useful to anyone with an underwater camera. His knowledge of Red Sea reefs in particular gives workshop participants a fuller insight into the layers of life and colour awaiting them. After years of guiding divers, he has a love for the sea evident in his own photography, and the way he communicates this passion to his guests. Simon Rogerson, Editor, SCUBA magazine

About UK Photography Courses

UK underwater courses with Mario Vitalini
For nearly 30 years Mario has sailed the globe and dived the seas, working as a PADI instructor and dive guide. Today, he shares his passion for underwater photography, teaching students of all experience levels. His students love his real world expertise and patient approach. He has an extensive working knowledge of all underwater camera systems, having spent several years at the UK's largest photo retailer. There's not a camera set up he doesn't know. Join him on a UK course and learn to take better photos

Why a private lesson?
A private underwater photo course is the best way to fully concentrate on your individual needs and level as an underwater photographer and diver. You will advance your skills in a short period of time. Courses are designed around you and you only.

No matter if you want to learn a new skill or technique, get to grips with a new camera set up or kit or simply iron out a few rush kinks before you go away, the private course allows you to control what and how quickly you learn.

Everyone! From total camera novices to seasoned shooters, Mario can teach you key skills that will improve your underwater photography... and fast!

What does in involve?
Your course will start with a chat. This is so Mario can help identify your goals for the course. Remember: courses are built around you!

On the day, your course in comprised of 2 main sections. The day kicks off with a presentation. This can cover some photographic theory, outline some key techniques you will later put into practice. But it can also be a chance to check out your camera set up, add any new bits.. have a play really! Then it is into the pool you go! There is an artificial reef with a range of subjects so you can practice wide angle, lighting and macro skills. Mario will also encourage you to start the pool session sorting out your weights and trim. After all, being a good diver is key to being a great photographer.

If you want to add an editing module to your day, let Mario know. He can show you how to get around popular editing programme Lightroom.

Where and when?
The published schedule gives you an idea of availability. London courses can be arranged on any day of the week (except Fridays) or weekend so if you cannot find a date to suit you, don't be afraid to ask! Simply contact us and we can schedule a convenient date.

Courses are held at 1 of 2 UK locations - Chiswick, London (London School of Diving) or Surrey Sports Park, Guildford (New Dawn Diving).

Nick Godfrey

2018-01-13 09:00:05

Just want to give a big word of thanks to Mario Vitalini for hosting a great day for me today going over his level-2 course and some lighting techniques I've been struggling with. With the added help of a great pool session and his little Surrey reef system plus one to one theory sessions I'm now "fully manual" and looking forward to an upcoming trip to the Philippines next month


2018-01-09 10:33:05

Just back from our trip abroad Mistral with Mario leading, we had a fantastic week with a great group of divers of mixed abilities. As usual with Scubatravel everything was covered with everything running smoothly, Mistral is a great boat with a fantastic, helpful and friendly crew. Mario was always at hand to offer advice when needed and gave very informative tutorials in the evenings after dinner which were technical but yet put over in an easy to understand way. Mario had a good working knowledge of the various cameras being used by the guests which ranged from basic point and shoot to full blown Dslr's. I highly recommend this trip


2018-01-09 10:33:05

The week on Mistral with Mario was brilliant; great facilities, great crew and passengers, and Mario's relaxed style of tuition led to a really productive trip. This was my first workshop: I've had my camera for two years, and never seemed to get more than one or two "keepers" per trip, diving about once or twice per year. Having just invested in a wide angle lens and a second strobe, it was high time I learnt to use them. Reviewing my photos back home, my photography has come on leaps and bounds, as well as my post-production skills: I'm shooting better bluewater, and balancing that with more uniform light; and learning how to use a mask in post has really helped bring the subject to life, and stopped me pressing "Delete" quite as much! Mario was always on hand to offer advice and ideas before and after the dive; he observed us in the water, and also offered advice on what to try back on the boat, as well as giving tips on how to configure our cameras. Through that approach


2018-01-09 10:33:05

Mario gave some excellent workshops on board Mistral. I particularly enjoyed the one on strobe positioning which he demonstrated with his own camera, rather than using a video. This really brought home how to use two strobes in a variety of situations to light the subject. I only wish I had two! Mario also gave an excellent lecture on how to take photos using natural light. Mario is excellent with dealing with individual problems no matter which camera one has and there were a great variety. Personally, I was very pleased to finally learn the theory of how to use my macro lenses to best advantage and I ended up with some very good shots. Thank you for all your help and advice and your patience!

John Holmes

2018-01-09 10:33:05

If you want to start u/w photography or just brush up on your skills then Mario is the guy to do it for you. Expertise coupled with patience allows you to learn at your pace, thoroughly recommend!

Andy Langler

2018-01-09 10:33:05

Just a quick email to say thanks again for an excellent session on Sunday. It was very enjoyable and very informative and it was great just to be able to spend time concentrating on the camera.

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